1st Birthday Celebration in Micro-American Fashion

Happy birthday Rossi!

Birthday Boy


Rossi is the luckiest amongst our grands for having a summer birthdate. And as grandparents, we wished him all the best growing up. Happy birthday Rossi. We love you!

Planning Rossi’s birthday was a little tricky because of scheduling issues with work and others. So, we do apologize for scheduling it on a Friday afternoon/evening when traffic is terrible, especially here in Seatte.

La Ca Ja China (pronounced Gina) I guess is the thing that I personally took charge of trying to get one from Miami, Florida. Tracking the package as it made its way was a headache because the ETA was kind iffy, saying to expect the package by the end of Friday-and that’s terrible because it means we’d make due with no roasted pig. 

I cannot imagine an Islander’s party without a roasted pig! It cannot happen. 

Decision Time

Two things were swirling in my head, one is to return the package and borrowed brother Yarof’s. Or just do without it. 

Contacting the seller and shipper were my only choice and luckily for me, it all worked out. Customer rep recommended I personally picked up the package from the station and that’s exactly what we did. 

On the way to the station, I was hoping for a pre-set roaster, one that I do not have to put it together. But when I saw the boxes, I was like omg. Gotta have time to put this thing together. 

Putting the La Ca China or pig roaster was a piece of cake. It took us only an hour or so putting it all together and set it all up. 

Skip and Cal working on the Pig Roaster

Families and friends,

thank you for joining Rossi!

Can I admit something? I am not so sure if Rossi enjoyed his time yesterday, but I sure am. It was great to see everyone whom made it out on a Friday afternoon/evening. I know how terrible the drive can be. And even if you didn’t make it, we fully understand and for sure Rossi doesn’t even notice. Hehehe. Ya’ll excused because I sure thought it’s going to be on a Saturday. 

L to R, Sonny, Kaius, SeaKuop Secretery Fabian, SeaKuop President Tommy

The Food and time


It was tough deciding on the menu but one thing I never had a puzzled mind about is the roasted pig (yes again). That must be on the menu!

Just in case you haven’t noticed, when it comes to parties or meetings, there are two completely different time zones involved. One is the American and the other is the Islanders. 

For Americans, if you say 3 pm, it means showing up at 2 pm, an hour early. The islanders play on a different time zone, 3 pm means showing up at 8 pm, 5 hours later. 

To accommodate everyone, we made hot dogs and hamburgers for 3pm and the typical Islander’s Fiesta type of menu of Roasted Pig, Salted Fish, Fried Fish, Potato Salat, Crab Salad and on and on for 8pm. 

Although we had a couple of Cowboys fans in the crowd, we had to go with the Champion SeaHawks for beer choices. And then there’s the main Tropical Warmed but Settled drink of the night, SAKAU.

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Happy Birthday Rossi!

Kinisou Skip & Yarof

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