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the sea shore

Looking for Sealife

One of the reasons I like camping is the fact that it enables us to go out there and explore. On this day, we were out tide pooling finding star fish, hermit crabs, anemones, lots of mussels and many other sea tiny creatures. As you can see, our Rosie is really into tide pooling. 

Maria, Roseanna, Carolynn and Vero busying tide pooling

Looks like Cal has caught a hermit crab.”

Enough tide pooling, I am heading for land.


RC, Jayjay and Roseanna
with our cutie pie..
Jayjay and Roseanna
We are tired of looking at sea creatures. Time to go get some snacks...lol
Cutie Enjoying Tide Pooling
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Tide Pools

Strolling & Tide Pools

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon

Last Call/Break Time

We must do this again this regularly!

Back to Camp

South Beach
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South Jetty
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Last Day...

Swim the Pacific

The End...

Camping 2013 in the state of oregon