Camping 2013

Nehalem, Oregon


Camping is a part of our family tradition since the very first time we went out sometimes in 2003. Our family friend Roberta and family introduced us to it and we fell in love with it. 

It helps us explore nature and what’s out there to see. For me,  the Pacific Ocean reminds me of home sweet home. The sights and sounds of being there, closer to the waves and the ocean breezes just brought me so much closer to my home, Ifelug. 

It also helps me get away from the digital universe and brightens the mind as I am more exposed to getting more vitamin D and stuff. As long as I don’t burn my skin, I will be alright. 

1st Week of Camping

Nehalem, Oregon

It’s our very first time camping in this area. The campground is right next to the beach located north of Tillamook and south of Seaside. 

Setting up Camp. Can’t wait to get  a tuna or dungeness crab. 


It was a pretty hot summer day but here on the coast, it was perfectly cool. I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. The sound of the waves pounding on the rocks and the trees whispering from the wind breezes just mde it more enjoyable. 

The Pacific

Met up with the Roberta and the Girls

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

750 NW Lighthouse Dr, Newport, OR 97365

Lasco and Fam joined us too...

Lots of fun


Lots of Laughters

Smiley Faces

Happy Birthday

Latest News


At the dock in Seattle, Washington. 

About 400 Tuna Fish Left

Was sleeping and Chaz texted and woke me up! Chaz, see what you did? On a peaceful sunday? Hahaha. Not really. I was just surfing all morning long. Chaz was inquiring about the location of St. Jude and he found it. I am sure he got himself tuna and enjoyed a bowl of sashimi under that beautiful afternoon sun. 

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