From planning to Completion

Welcome to our 2018 Backyard Project  Album. This is probably going to be one of the largest Album we have so check back often because we’re going to load as many pictures as we can find to show you how we managed to get this project off the ground and to its completion. 

We had to work against time because we wanted to get this done and used it for our son’s graduation party. Added to our already very tight schedule was our trip to Chuuk, one that we had to take to be with families in time of grief and sorrow. 

We started on this project just a couple of weeks coming from Chuuk and got it wrapped up just in time for the celebration. It was a huge relief. 

I really can’t imagine spending money renting a banquet hall. I would rather invest in my property knowing the money spent will one day comes back in two, if not more, folds.

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The planning, Demolition and Staging

Joist and Ledger
Railings and Stepdown
Demolition and Staging
Demolition of temporary deck
Decking/Deckboards Layout
Planning continues...
Original Plan but lot changed...

The Foundation

Before proceeding, Inspection is Required for the holes. Yes, the city Inspectors have to sign off on how deep and wide the hole is before continuing...

2018 Backyard Project

Total Budget - $7,500

Reach out to me if you need help with your project

Gathering Needed Materials...

Free Stuff, thanks to the Internet Super Highways...
Support Post for the Stepdown
Figuring out the style and size of the stepdown...

Railings & Stepdowns

Demolishing the foundation

Physical Labor...

We had to demolish this foundation to make room for the new patio we’re building in addition to the deck. We took out about 7 inches  of soft dirt, filled it with the concrete pieces and river rocks for drainage and then a thin layer of sand before the pavers/blocks. 

On the bottom, we had to dig 7 or so inches and then fill it with river rocks and pieces of concrete for stability and drainage. On top of that, we put a layer of compacted gravel and a very thin layer of sand before putting down the pavers. 

Making room for rocks...

...for stability and drainage
Clearing the Soft, un-compacted soil...
Yobo and our daughter helping out...
Digging, digging,
Lynn and her mom helping out...

Gravel and Compacting

...refilling the hole with river rocks, pieces of concrete and on top gravels and lots of compacting
Compacting is crucial to the stability of the pavers


Our General Manager, Roscoe, posing for the camera. I am not sure how we’re going to complete this project without his objections and distractions. He’s a great boss, someone that wanted to be the center of attention at all times. lol. 

the Completed Product!

With a $5.00 Garage Sale found Miter Saw, the deck is completed

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