The Ifalik Dream

Congratulations to brother Yarof and wife Joy for a momentous accomplishment. I couldn’t be more prouder of another Ifalik family attaining such a precious moment in life. 

Buying a house in America is not a small or easy task. It takes time, money and lots of sleepless nights. But to finally have a house to call it a home is another experience in of itself.

It is the American Dream. But in Yarof’s case, we call it the Ifalik Dream.

Left to right: Yarof, two friends from the Army, Martin, Junior and Clarence

Reasons to Celebrate

When I bought my house, the very first thing I wanted to do was to share that news with my entire Ifalik family. My reason was to draw out all the aspirations from within each and every Ifalikese throughout the globe and hopefully to inspire them, “NOT TO FOLLOW IN MY PATH, BUT TO SAIL ALONGSIDE AND DO WAY BETTER!”

To witness my brother Yarof and be there for his housewarming was a dream come true. I pray for a moment like it where I can be there to enjoy it with another Ifalik family. And to see the happy faces all around knowing that a moment like this has reach our shores, yet once more. With the hope that the trend continues. 

I know, sometimes I got carried away and be accused of being arrogant, simple minded and a show off but there’s no better thing than to hopefully inspire those that I cared so much about to do better. 

Yarof, you and Joy had brought happiness and feeling of accomplishments, yet again to our families and I wish that more of our Ifalik people around the globe can realize that the cans of beer and them chantings would be so much better and more meaningful when it’s from our own backyard, from a piece of land we have acquired through many days of sweats and sleepless nights. 

I can only talk Ifalik because it’s the only small island I can dare to hope of inspiring, but my wishful thinking is that the whole FSM people throughout our Earth can be inspired and do good things for the sake of their families and thy country. 

It’s a fact that I followed news out of Guam and Hawaii closely to get a feel of home, but it’s tiring and heart broken when all that you’re getting are some pretty bad and horrendous things our people have involved themselves in. 

But I guess, as Yarof and Joy have showed us yet again, there are FSMers out there that are busting themselves off to do good and what is better than attaining the American Dream of Home Ownership. 

So, Yapese, Chuukese, Pohnpeans, Kosreans, Palauans and Marshallese, let’s enjoy shaking the boogies and breaking them necks of Budweiser bottles, but keep in mind to do good for the communities we live in and work our tails off to become part of the American Dream. 

Yarof and Joy, time to build that garden and grow them apples. Many Congratulations from your Fedway Family…. 


Congratulations! Here's wishing you the best in your new home. Wishing you many years of abundance and health. May your new home be filled with love and good health. Wishing you a fruitful life in your new home. May your new home be filled with laughter and love. May your new home be a foundation for many happy memories.

Scar, Rose and Grace


Yarof and Joy, wishing you the very best.

Congrats all around… Photos from this occasion can be access here. Or the Gallery on the menu on the top of this page.

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