photo credit: Mwele Terios
photo credit: Mwele Terios
Sineom me ian ne pwe uwa nikiti tongom

One person wrote on her blog this morning that the war on the Korean Peninsula had already begun which drove me nuts but well, she has all the rights in the world to do as she pleases. It’s just that I was worried about all the people that it can affect. It got my attention that I went straight to my news sources to see if it really was happening. Of course it’s not.

Back to my usual morning routine which always begins with firing up my laptop, checking on my bff Sam, and then unto my desktop for a quick pick at M Office Outlook where all the emails, both junks and regular, are compacted for me to digest. Nothing too alarming so I checked into Mr. fb to see what’s happening in that part of the world. Not much neither but one photo got my attention where this beautiful Micronesian girl, on Mwele Terios’s fb profile, wore a Black T-shirt adorn with some beautiful writings depicting my favorite Chuukese song on the planet. It’s when I turned to MyCoconut.com  for the entire song. And here how it goes…

Sineom me ian nee. Pwe uwa nikiti. Tongom ei won ai ngasangas. Mi jok nonomw penges fan mwarei… Whyooo Sineom me ian nee. Pwe uwa nikiti. Tongom ei won ai ei ngasangas. Iei mi jok no nom fan mwari.

Jejemenii nemin, itenapom me rei, kakawetin inisi ei ngawan, mi mecheres ngeni ai ngasangas. Wouneee. Jejemenii nemin, ITENAPOM merei. Kakawetin inisi ei ngawan, mi mecheres ngeni ai ei ngasangas.

Meni sokun kapas, pwun upwe nounou, pwun kopwe nukunuk pwe tongom ei, ngeni chok an epwe much manawei.

Tongom me netipei, esapw pwan ukutiw tori menon inisi ei ngawan eni epwapw pwisin sopweno ne.

Quiet amazed by not only the writings on the T-shirt but the view of Chuuk, I decided to get in touch with the owner to see if she can hook me up with some pictures of back home. While doing this, I opened up MyCoconut and clicked on Anchang, the title of the song above and man, what came out of the black boxes on my desk was so deeply AMUMU (Chuukese lingo). I sneaked up the base to further enhanced the mood. It was AWESOME!


This is the kind of music one would play on a Sunday Morning, on a very rainy day in Seattle. It’s cold and miserable. But you can toss the Chuukese music on all of that and all should be just cool.

The impending war on the Korean Peninsula, the ETG mess on Yap, and the Rainy and Cold miserable day in Seattle can all go somewhere far at this time for I have no room for them. They can be tabled for the politicians and sociologists. Or at least not when I am on top of the Micronesian world, day dreaming through this beautifully crafted Chuukese song. Oh I miss you my dear Micronesia! Hehehehe.

And to add fuel to the fire on all these Micronesian longing, my phone rang with the following flavor, an Ulithian version of the Chuukese song titled Pwipwi Ne Uwa Jok Kekejiw, sang by no other than my favorite singer Lawrence Hasoso, a dear brother from our Island of Felait 🙂 somewhere in the lagoon of Elato Island. Well, I am from the west side of the island but he’s from the east side but what matters is that we are brothers for life. Gare metta ii melwe rewe? (Woleaian for you). Again I turned to Mycoconut for the lyrics and the song itself. And as follows, you can see why my heart cries for my Micronesia, if you can read it that is. Hehehe.

Pwipwi ne ie uwa jok Kekejiw. Ren ai ei asonapa tongom me rei. Iika uwa ma ne.

Pwipwi ne ie uwa jok kekejiw. Ren ai ei asonopa tongom me rei. Ika uwa ma nee.

Jipeno Jayres ngawan kote nikekechiw. Sapw mine atutunen emon ngonuk. Kopwe weires.

Nge nupwen kopwe fettan won anan fonuwom. Nge ngunu epwapw pusin sapwei no ne. Riaffou Ngonuk.

Jipeno o Kanfan ngawan kotte nikekechiw. Sapw mine otutunen emon ngonuk. Omw kopwe weires.

Pwipwi ne ie uwa jok Kekejiw. Ren ai ei asonapa tongom me rei. Iika uwa ma ne.

Jipeno Jayres ngawan kotte nikekejiw. Sapw mine otutunen emon ngonuk. Kopwe weires.

Nge nupwen kopwe fetan won anen fonuwom. Nge ngunu epwapw pusin sapweno ne. Riaffou Ngonuk.

Jipeno kan onowe Kanfan kotte nikekejiw. Sapw mine otutunen emon ngonuk. Kopwe weires. Nge nupwen kopwe fetan won fonuwom. Nge ngunu epwapw sapweno. Riaffou Ngonuk.

Well, it’s Sunday in America and Monday Morning in Micronesia. I hope you enjoy this blog as much I enjoy writing it. I may find time to say why I kept on longing and not making a trip next time. For now, Aloha from Hawaii, Hafa Adai from Guam, Hello from Seattle, Kasehlelia from Pohnpei, Ali from Palau, Kulo from Kosrae, and last but not the least Ran Annim from Sapou, Panitiw, Nukanap – Uman, Chuuk. Ai tong ai pwos!


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