Friday, just like any other Fridays prior, began in earnest with a cup of coffee with bread and peanut butter. Left the house at 8, a little later than usual.

First stop was at UPS here in town to drop off a box of shoe that needed to be returned to Amazon because it’s an inch bigger than my size. I guess my size is 11.5 Medium and not 11.5 Wide. And because my feet is a little wider, I am exchanging it with an 11 Wide. Hope that works.

On Interstate 5 North we went. Arrived at the Renton Station 5 minutes later than my normal arrival time. I am always 15 minutes early which means this time, I was  5 minutes late. Didn’t feel good at all.

But seeing what’s going on at this station, I knew something good must be up in the air.

Team members were just roaming around like ducks without their moms. I kinda feel that I may get an amazing route.

Amazing in a sense that I may not have a lot of stops to do on this route but business wise, it’s killing me because I knew if these guys were not doing a good job, it’s not good for business and not good for everyone. If Amazon is not making money, they’re not going to need us anymore. We got to work and stay together as a team to get this rolling.

After I got checked in, got out and walked up to chat with the team members. The very first thing they did was apologizing for the wait I may endure.

I knew they were stressed out because of all these Flexers lining up and not many loads to go around, I put on my “LIFE IS GOOD” hat and told them, it’s gonna be alright. We’re gonna be okay.

They were happy to hear that and told me they wished everyone is in the high spirit that I was in. And when you’re nice to these team members, they reward you with some good routes.

I got a total of 10 stops on this route. It kinda spread out which is not so good for mileage and gas but timing wise is just perfect.

Off I went, Interstate 405 heading NE toward Sammamish and Issaquah. By the time I completed delivering all these packages to the Amazon customers, I was so hungry for some Americano food.

It’s just happened that we passed by a Big Fish Happy place. I zoned in on that one and found myself googling to see what people are saying about this restaurant. What I found was just HILARIOUS.

One person was complaining that this place smelled too FISHY! Hahahaha. Really? I ordered Alaskan Salmon Fish and Chips and wifey ordered Coconut Breaded Prawns. We got bowls of clam chowder, which I thought it could be the main dish for the day.

All in all it’s a great Americano Food. I like to eat my fish bbq’d with just salt and pepper if previously frozen or just bbq’d with nothing if freshly caught so I can really taste the fish. But I expected what I got and so it’s all good.

Straight from Issaquah headed West on Interstate 90 crossing into Lake Washington at about 2:30 ish and on to Costco for gas and carwash in SODO, south of Downtown Seattle. Parking is scarce in this part of town you know.

We parked the truck at Costco and strolled through drive through ways to get to a Starbucks I had meant to visit several other times. And that’s were we relaxed awaiting the pickup of our last load for the day. Got a nice cup of American with Whip and wife got a regular coffee with the usual 10 small bags of C&H sugar stuff you know.

Afternoon load was a total of 20 stops in the middle of Capitol Hill, a neighborhood right on the East side of Interstate 5 and Downtown Seattle. I was a little scared because the wind was tremendous. It must have been gusting to the 50 to 60 MPH range. 

The wind was crazy strong that it blew a medium size box right out of my hands, went under a fence and was heading for the street when a stranger strolling the street caught it and returned it safely back to me. A second later, my hat flew off into the distance and luckily I was able to retrieve it too. I was contemplating returning the rest of the packages to the station but I was pretty close to get them done so I kept at it. 

With all that wind, we were still able to get this load done 1 hour and 45 minutes earlier than the time allotted. 

All in all, it was a great Friday and I am looking forward to next Friday to do it all over again.

Awaiting Our Next Block - Starbucks in Sodo
First Route of the day - Renton, Sammamish and Issaquah
On Denny Way Going West, Downtown Seattle
Coconut Breaded Prawns
Alaskan Salmon Sockeye
Elevator Switch - Never Seen One Like it Before
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