And now the harvest – It’s not Taro nor Breadfruit

And now the harvest – It’s not Taro nor Breadfruit

Rosie trying to fight off crows that are feasting on our tomatoes.

Gardening is fun and it brings back memories of the islands. Of course not planting tomatoes. This summer, after several months of composting, I decided it’s time to put my islander’s talent 😉 to good use.

Previously, when I was in college, I buy the grown plants for my gardening but this year, I decided to go for the seeds. It was cheap. Way cheaper, as you can see, the seeds gave me more plants. A bag of it costs 75 cents. Not bad considering a plant cost between 3 to 5 dollars. But how did I go about doing it.

Well, all I had to do was bury the seeds about an inch underground, sprinkled water over it and leave it to do its own thing. lol.

It took a few months before harvest but the waiting is worth it. The tomatoes are fresh and can be awesome in soups, salads or finadeni sauce. I ate them raw though. The taste when they’re fresh is just amazingly refreshing.

Gardening is fantastic! I didn’t just grow tomatoes but beans, mustard, and green onions. The harvest was awesome!

There are a few things that I didn’t realize which I must do next Summer. One, I must not plant tomatoes in the way of backyard football. That was bad. My boys hated the tomatoes because they restricted their areas of playing backyard football. I felt sorry but it was too late. Next Summer, I plan to buy something to guard my tomatoes from footballs, volleyballs and hardballs. Hehehe.

Another thing I didn’t realize was the crows eating tomatoes. I never thought of that until I saw my tomatoes being eaten by something. The first thing I did was putting up a plastic fence because I thought the neighbor’s rabbits came through my backyard and feasted on my tomatoes. That didn’t help so I turned to BING for an answer and walla, it was something with a wing, the freaking crows. I improvised using my couch’s cover as shield which helped prevent the crows from eating my tomatoes.

What a relief it was to know that the crows won’t bother my tomatoes anymore.

Next year, I plan to try planting Onions. If anyone of you know or have done it before, please share your tricks with me by leaving a note. I would love to be able to plant lots of onions so I do not have to buy them from the store. Hehehe. Typical Islander!!!!

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