Space Needle
One of Seattle's Iconic Symbols, slowly drowning in all the new developments in downtown.
From a different Angle...
Morning Wowzer!
It's these views that wakes me up every morning to come deliver your groceries...

The art of Fresh-Flexing

Let me admit it, I am a Newbie at this, only doing it for a little over a month. Prior to all of this, I was Ubering and Lyfting, so if you know a better way, please say so in the comment section below. 

I circled the number 6658 on the label here on the right and point a RED arrow directly at it. That is a very important number and one that I find very helpful when arranging the load into my vehicle. 

That must be the route number or delivery number or whatever it is called. I found it that each address uses a specific number. For example, if address ABC MAKE UP STREET, SEATTLE WA, 0000 has 5 packages, all of those 5 packages will have this same unique number, 6658. 

There are other numbers that some people told me to use but I found this to be the most efficient because when I arrive at each address or house, I know exactly where to locate their packages in my vehicle and they are all together in one spot. 

Another thing I found very helpful is to bring along a helper. As you can see, my helper is enjoying the lobby and kept an eye out (while smiling at the camera man) on our unlawful parked car while I deliver packages up to the 6th floor. 

On this delivery, it was $40 to $54, but I got a pretty decent $157 including tips from it. Not bad for an early morning delivery. Enough to treat my helper with a cup of Starbucks Americano and top it off with Whip Cream and a few bags of C&H sugar. No, those tiny bags… lol. 


Not enough coffee!

Prettyful Displays

The sights and sounds of each neighborhoods we came through as flexers can be awe inspiring. 

And there are times I question whether it’s safe to drive through a drive way or walk through a fence. 

But all in all, and especially after making a successful delivery, you came to question why nice people would post such signs up. It maybe for the unwanted  man! 

This could only means, flexers are good wanted human beings just out there to get a job done. And especially to get them their needed packages. 


“Hey Santa I see you’re drinking 1%. Is that cuz you think you’re fat?,  I have no idea what this one means but it has to do with Napoleon. If you know, please give is more hint or history about this in the comment section below. 

As for the Never Mind the Dog, Beware of the Owner!, it turns out these were some really nice people. The only thing though, is you must beware of them dogs. She has quite a few of those scary looking ones. I automatically raised my hands and told her not to shoot. She was just beside herself. And gladly welcomed me inside the gate to deliver her packages. 

Another customer with a sign that says, YOU ARE IN RANGE!, had to walk down a mile to the entrance because he thought if I saw his sign, I might not deliver his packages. I offered him a ride up the hill and dropped him and his packages SAFELY to his front door. 

Alrighty guys, gotta run because I have a 5 hours block at 11 AM this morning. Please be safe out there and make all that money while you can. 

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