The PICAWA FREE FOOD DISTRIBUTION has moved to 3 PM to 6 PM! Yes, you read that right. It's now from 3 0'clock Pacific Daylight Time and runs until 6 0'clock in the evening. It's a 3 hours window!

Micronesia Leave me Alone.

Oh Micronesia, please leave me alone in peace. I am here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and am enjoying the calls of the seals and sea lions, the buoy horn sirens in the distance, and the humming and roaming of my two generators. Enjoying the sunrise and the smell of...

Summer 2020 Begins Late

Finally on the Oregon Coast First Day Summer 2020 Camping has always been my favorite free time undertaking Mask on Spam? No tuna? Dinner time Where’s my coffee? Cry-baby Hehehe Laughing-baby Sea Shell, Sea Shore Enjoying the afternoon Yapese Basket of Wisdom Shape Other stories Please pick an article and...


The Pacific Island Community Association of Washington(PICAWA) held a food boxes distribution in Kent, WA on Thursday, July 2nd from 11:30AM to 3PM. It was a total success as we distributed food boxes to about 300 families and unloaded 3 truckloads of food boxes.