Finally Got a Piece of Paradise

Aloha and Happy Holiday Greetings from our family to yours. May the joy, happiness, health and success be yours to enjoy this season.  Our Ifafamily wishes you nothing but the very best in the coming New Year.  Nervous, Happy, and Excited, but I am all stoked to finally say, we now own a piece of […]

Trip of a Lifetime – Productive & Enjoyable

Ohanas on Big Island, Hawaii Kona and Hilo Kinisou Chapur. Gaisa Gashigeshig Aloha & Mahalos Good morning y’all from the comfort of my home in Seattle, Washington. Arriving 20 minutes earlier than scheduled, they awarded us a seat on the tarmac for the same amount of time. There’s another plane loading at our assigned gate. […]

Feeding Koi Fishes and Chosi the Dog

Designing Your Dream. Creating Our Vision. Projects KITCHEN-FOCUSED HOMETHE BLUEISH PROJECTMINIMALIST HOME A Morning of Tea & Chores A typical day of an islander living the American Life far far away from home.  Good morning ifagalz valued guests, friends and family. It’s another beautiful morning here in the Pacific Northwest with the temperature hovering around […]

Hoos and Teraw on Indian Lands

Happy Labor Day to all of you. This day we celebrate the workers within our family, clans, villages, island, state, country, continent and the globe. For us Remathaws or the people from the sea, we all gathered on Sioux, Cherokee, and Iroquois land to CONGRATULATE the retirement of one of the pioneers from within our midst

Cancer Sucks!

Cancer Sucks! There’s no other way to say it. It had killed so many of my loved ones, including my sister. And recently, we just sent my dear brother and uncle, Joey  home to Ifalik, as he succumbed to this horrible disease. 

As I am sitting here, at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), I kept thinking of dear Joey, as he was a patient here. In fact, the first time he was admitted into the SCCA sister hospital, the Harborview Medical Center, I too was inside another hospital, the University of Washington Surgery Pavilion on  campus recuperating from my own surgery. They took out a football size tumor from my left thigh. Luckily, there were no cancer cells found in it, but I felt back then that was not going to be the end of my ordeal. 

The Drive to Spokane

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn It was a beautiful drive and I had to say it, it was nice to finally enjoy the view while someone else is driving. Well, at least half of the distance.  Spokane is happening this weekend. One of our nieces is saying I do, and as a proud uncle and aunt, we […]

God Kept Us in Washington, For Now

We don’t know where we’ll be in a week or in a month. We do what we want for as long as we want, always trying out new experiences.


Oregon and Washington have their specific programs to help COFA migrants. If you are in Oregon, please CLICK HERE to go to the COFA PREMIUM ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. If you are in Washington State, please CLICK HERE to go to Washington Health Plan Finder.

Dear Parents

You know, sitting here drinking and tapping and dreaming, I couldn’t be more happier to see how far our FSM people have come. I know. I know. There’s still a lot of challenges and many mountains and hills to climb, but we must acknowledge that we’ve made pretty good progress. I can now point and say a few names of my role models and my list have exponentially grown over the last several years. And it’s so humbling and a good feel to know that our people have made some headways here on the mainland and elsewhere. 

Covid19 Vaccination Experience – Why you should get it asap.

Let me say this, many thank yous to the awesome Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington (PICAWA), specifically brother Joseph Seia for what he did and does for our community. Beautiful humans of PASIFIKA are, at least in the state of Washington, taken care of in the so many little ways PICAWA is pushing through, whether it be food drives, gift cards, housing assistance, covid tests, or vaccinations. PICAWA is at the forefront of keeping all of us a little safer. And I might add, get a little recognition from the other humans. Hehehe. Way to go PICAWA! Brothers Joseph and Toka can keep on bugging me. 

It’s in no small parts with PICAWA that we got the chance to get vaccinated a little earlier and I am here to tell you it’s ok to get yours too when your turn comes up. My wife, our youngest son and myself got the PFIZER vaccine and the only complaint I had was soreness at the spot. It was more hurtful than any other vaccines I had taken. Otherwise, nothing more beyond that.