The Fijians brothers are here in Seattle and they brought lots of TUNA!

Tuna from the South Pasifik. Yes. They brought tuna from the South Pasifik. And many people might have been scared away thinking of that very very long line last year, so it is a perfect chance for you and your whole clan, whole village, whole island to walk straight up to the ship and get tuna of all sizes. The best thing is, it’s still that same cheap price of $3.50 per pound. 

DIY Update: Light at the end of the tunnel

Racoons are mean! Yes they are. They can destroy your sod grass looking to kill all of your hardworking soil making earth friendly worms. I thought racoons were friendly that I enjoyed seeing one walking right outside the door while I was enjoying the view. Later I found out s/he may be the one that literally folded up the sod grass I installed a couple days earlier.

Garden in Progress – Dreaming of a better view

You know what? If the scenery is not what you desire, there’s a way of dealing with that. You can uproot everything and move, or you can get to work and change it for the better. Not so much for the better as I have heard it many times; “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” but make it to your satisfaction. What’s more bettern than sitting back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Ika met? Gare meta? 

The Grill and Spring

“The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.” Japanese Proverbs

Our Take on Eviction Moratorium – Renters and Homeowners

Well, it may be true that Pacific Islanders are disproportionately being affected by the pandemic (Covid19), but one thing that’s in our favor is the fact that many of us are essential workers. This means many of us are still employed and are getting paid.

Do It Yourself – The Study House

My wife bugged me so many times on why I wasted so much time on these projects when I could have spent them on remodeling our bathroom or kitchen. I never said it out loud, but I was not that confident in my ability to do those kind of projects. I would rather start on something that won’t affect the main house until I build up the confidence and knowledge which I can safely say, I have them today. 

Island Beach in my yard

Yesterday while outside, I took the above picture without thinking too much of it. But while looking through my photos, and seeing the picture,  I realized my grands were really enjoying playing in that sand.