Humble Beginnings

 "Ese wor efoch key, epwe nampa ngeni, no-kun tongom me rei... Nengeni ngang upwene tur, tu turungaw fanitom. E papw pusin nom non nemeniom ngenei. A kan iei.... Waioooooo. Ewer oh. 

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The 2nd FSM Community Day FSM Community Day Celebration of our Micronesian Heritage and the 40th year anniversary of the FSM (Federated States of Micronesia) Constitution, held at the Blue Lake Regional Park located…

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She Got Hurt!

Poor baby! She needs a plastic surgeon very badly. Do you know of anyone? Her dents and scratches... Front Bumper Front Passenger Wheel/Tire Passenger Side Doors Too much... Stored at Towing…

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1st Birthday in Micro-American Fashion

1st Birthday Celebration in Micro-American Fashion Happy birthday Rossi! Birthday Boy Planning Rossi is the luckiest amongst our grands for having a summer birthdate. And as grandparents, we wished him…

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