After the 4th try, our dough finally turns into Mr. Indian Chef's dough! lol.

It took the boys and I four tries to get it right, much much righter… lol. We decided on following this Indian Chef we found on Youtube. The problem was that he was using a very different kind of Yeast than the one we found in our kitchen cabinets. :). As you can see in the photo on the left here, that thing swells to the top threatening to get out of that bowl. Too much Yeast enzimes? I wish I had a microscope so I can examine this little bugs growing and expanding, forcing the dough to reach this high.

Thanks to the Indian Youtube Chef, we are well on our way to the perfect Ifalikese morning bread ever designed and created… lol. Jun and Cal were telling me the next thing we should try adding cantolope and see how it taste in the morning with a cup of coffee.

Ifalik Donuts made of banana and egss with Yeast and Flour.... lol

Grace and the girls opted on making the usual Ifalikese style donuts. The funny thing is they used up Rosie’s bananas. The poor girl had to go on hunger strike because she has no bananas to play with. Lucky I hid some tapioca and taro so she has some island sweets for dinner.

Not a bad day to be involved in this donut making competition instead of painting our boat. It was raining all day long. The boys and I had to take a trip up to Seattle Fisheries Supply Store to buy paint and supplies and by the time we arrived back home, it was pouring like rain. Ooops, it really is raining. Tomorrow should be fine so we should be able to do some painting on the boat.

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