Pasifika work continues, even in the rain

“You know Cal, the smiles I see when I delivered food to our Kosraeans made me so happy. Thank you and PICAWA for doing this for our Pasifika communities.” Deacon Driskell of Kosrae.


Our PICA family is at work again on this September the 17th of 2020, in the middle of the Pandemic and hardships that our community is facing. These foods and supplies will go a long ways in helping them out.

Chuukese Washington Women Delivering Food to Chuukese in Longview

One more thing, we will have a LIVE interview on Facebook on Monday, September 12th at 6PM. We will talk everything from COVID19, our FCWWA organization and its services, Housing Assistance, Health Insurance, etc… We have a VERY SPECIAL guest, his honorable and our very own Consulate General, Joe Enlet. Please reserve the time and spot so you can join us live. 

Hosting the Chuukese Women Association

“There is no one better to be a role model for our Chuukese kids than ourselves. There is no one better to create the space and to protect that space than ourselves.”

July 30th Gallery of PICAWA Member Volunteers

The day we got them fishes and more Pacific Islander Community Association Youth Members showed up to get more volunteer hours. It was an awesome feeling to caught fishes and got a lot of help too.


Gallery of Pacific Islanders Community Association of Washington Volunteers handing out food to Pasifika families and others during the early days of the COVID19 Pandemic.