Pasifika Peoples, Let’s Take Back Paradise!

As we come to the end of day 7 of clearing our land, we can’t help but thank the almighty God for his continuous protection and guidance throughout the first phase of our project. It’s been a challenging journey, but everything went as planned, and we couldn’t be happier. Our gratitude doesn’t just stop at […]

Kalahngan Sokehs Pohnpei Ohanas

Working on a ranch can be both challenging and rewarding. Clearing around 8,000 square feet of land in a day and planting various crops such as bananas, tapioca, papaya, taro, and kasava (Sakau) on a single day can be quite the feat. But with the help of our Pohnpei Ohanas, the task was not only […]

First Week of Hawaiian Land Project In the Books

Today, let us hold in our hearts and minds the brave and resilient Maui families, particularly our Micronesian brothers and sisters, who have encountered great tragedy. We offer you our love and support and believe that, in time, each and every one of you will find the strength to heal and move forward. Moving forward, […]

Scary Animals such as Bisons, Bears, Elks and Others

Are you yearning for an exhilarating and unforgettable escapade in a picturesque location? If your answer is yes, then you ought to visit the Olympic Game Farm nestled near the charming town of Sequim, Washington. This magnificent spot is a haven for animal enthusiasts, offering a once in a lifetime experience that will captivate your […]

Family Fun Day in Port Angeles

Greetings, esteemed adventurer! If the agony of monotony has taken its toll on your daily life and you find yourself itching for an unforgettable journey to unconquered territories, then forging a path to Port Angeles may be just the ticket! This quaint coastal town may seem small, but it has a certain je ne sais […]

Shipping a Chevy Suburban to Hilo, Hawaii

Shipping a Vehicle to Hawaii from oakland to hilo via Matson Shipping a Vehicle If you’re planning to transport your vehicle from Oakland, California to Hilo, Hawaii, Matson can offer a variety of helpful services to ensure a seamless experience. Although recent changes have caused the company to cease shipping from the Port of Tacoma, […]

Micronesian Fishermen Donated Diapers to Local Community

The morning was young and the coffee was fresh when I got a call from my nephew that he’s at the port of Tacoma, here in Washington State. I knew exactly where he was, as I had been to the port where their company was located on different occasions. Took me about 5 or so minutes […]

Finally Got a Piece of Paradise

Aloha and Happy Holiday Greetings from our family to yours. May the joy, happiness, health and success be yours to enjoy this season.  Our Ifafamily wishes you nothing but the very best in the coming New Year.  Nervous, Happy, and Excited, but I am all stoked to finally say, we now own a piece of […]