Cancer Sucks!

Cancer Sucks! There’s no other way to say it. It had killed so many of my loved ones, including my sister. And recently, we just sent my dear brother and uncle, Joey  home to Ifalik, as he succumbed to this horrible disease. 

As I am sitting here, at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), I kept thinking of dear Joey, as he was a patient here. In fact, the first time he was admitted into the SCCA sister hospital, the Harborview Medical Center, I too was inside another hospital, the University of Washington Surgery Pavilion on  campus recuperating from my own surgery. They took out a football size tumor from my left thigh. Luckily, there were no cancer cells found in it, but I felt back then that was not going to be the end of my ordeal. 

i5prints is Now Open For Business!

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I am happy to inform you that i5prints is now back open for business and is ready to accept your orders. Of course, there’s many different ways you can reach out to us. The best way would be to go to www.i5prints.com or www.i5prints.net and submit your […]

A Historical Day in Federal Way

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Good afternoon from a very hot, I mean Texas hot 90 degree, Washington. It’s that terrible! Sorry Texans, but it’s the truth. Nothing is good about this heat. And no one will ever convince me to move back to Texas, all because of the damn heat. I love everything about Texas, but […]

Kona or Hilo?

When we arrived at our gate, there was no soul there. It was empty! We were there like at least 3 hours early. Or you could say we were there 7 hours late!


Well, talk about hate. Yesterday in church the sermon was all about LOVE. In fact, it was all about “WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE TO THINK, ACT AND LOVE LIKE JESUS?” And you know what I was thinking while listening to Father Frank’s sermon? My garage full of items we love so much that we hold unto them even if we didn’t need them.

Construction A Poputa (Construction Begins)

When I purchased this house, the family and recreation rooms were carpeted. And in the 5 or so years we’ve lived here, the carpet had suffered extreme abuses, from my grands and especially from the drips of the tiny coconut fruits I love to chew. I guess they call those betelnut stains.

Cancer Sucks!

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Humble Beginnings

 “Ese wor efoch key, epwe nampa ngeni, no-kun tongom me rei… Nengeni ngang upwene tur, tu turungaw fanitom. E papw pusin nom non nemeniom ngenei. A kan iei…. Waioooooo. Ewer oh.