Well, remember that competition we had a few days ago? Right, the donuts or bread making competition, yes. That’s what I am talking about. Since then, I had been perfecting my bread making techniques. And for better or worse, I am already sharing my findings with other people. Guess you can call me a rookie Chef. No not that, a Wannabe Chef, I think is more fitting. lol.

Tonight, at this very hour, 2:58 in the morning, I just finished finalizing my techniques and the results were amazing, at least to my taste. I know you can blame me for thinking that I have the eyes of everyone, but that is not what I am talking about here. I am just sharing what I personally think of what I did. I have evidence since my toy, a Rebel T2i Canon is doing its job collecting them for me, so you can judge and let me know what you think. There is that facebook like button at the end of this blog, so go right ahead and hit it for me. Willya? lol.

While everyone in my house was busy dreaming and snoring, I was pretty busy preparing the dough and raising the Yeast enzimes, melting the pretty yellowish butter from my favorite state of Oregon, while eyeing the clock ensuring that the timing is just about right while listening in on the cricketts roaming my Garage.. I can even tell that my years of  raising a few kids helped in figuring out the temperature of the milk and water as I was comparing it to the times one of these kids would steam-off the cold and flu… ;). It is why experience matters! lol.

As you can see in the pictures provided, the results of my labor was a success. I burnt the most precious ones though, which was sad cuz I was reserving those for thy Chef Wannabe. They were overcooked but still yummy and soft and everything on the top. They were so delicious. Amazingly delicious I might say.

So, if you ever have a question or two about making a bread roll, you now know that you have an Island Chef Wannabe that can be called upon for help. It will only cost you a Like Button! lol. And I pray and hope that my best friend in Portland found my technique amazingly useful and easily applied. May God bless guys and Good Morning from this corner of these United States of Micronesia…. Ooops. I mispoke again… the United States of America! Yes indeed.

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