Flag of the Republic of the People's of Chuuk
Flag of the Republic of the People’s of Chuuk
Hello my fellow Chuukese and all my valued Ifagalz followers. I am a little tired writing about the election in Yap so it’s time I turn the page for some Chuukese stuffing. lol. Before drowning myself in this fascinating topic, let me play you my favorite Chuukese song. It fits into this discussion because some Chuukese are thinking about Chuuk breaking off from the FSM. So this one is for you from the folks remaining in the Federation. You can hear this via MyCoconut. Here is the direct LINK to the song.

Sineom me ian nee. Pwe uwa nikiti. Tongom ei won ai ngasangas. Mi jok nonomw penges fan mwarei… Whyooo Sineom me ian nee. Pwe uwa nikiti. Tongom ei won ai ei ngasangas. Iei mi jok no nom fan mwari.Jejemenii nemin, itenapom me rei, kakawetin inisi ei ngawan, mi mecheres ngeni ai ngasangas. Wouneee. Jejemenii nemin, ITENAPOM merei. Kakawetin inisi ei ngawan, mi mecheres ngeni ai ei ngasangas. Meni sokun kapas, pwun upwe nounou, pwun kopwe nukunuk pwe tongom ei, ngeni chok an epwe much manawei.Tongom me netipei, esapw pwan ukutiw tori menon inisi ei ngawan eni epwapw pwisin sopweno ne.

Waiooo. Pwat mwa neminan Chuuk kopwe ne kan su seni ei neee….. Wakakakaz.

Chuuk has every potential to be a very successful entity, whether it remains part of the Federation or not. It really is up to its people and its leaders to put it where it should. One thing for certain is that the people are ready for a success story.

There are tons of arguments for either side of this equation. I really don’t think it matters which side Chuuk falls into, it comes down to the people and politicians to guide her to the place it deserves to be, a better Chuuk.

My take is that some are not satisfied with what has written in the story several years the state has under the Federation. They are getting impatient with how things are going and are ready to try a new approach. I for one, do not think it’s a bad idea to try new things. But then one has to ask, what else can Chuuk do differently under the new structure. Is it the right time? Have we tried everything we know how under the current situation? How much more money, time and effort are we to spend on getting Chuuk into a new structure? How far have we come? Are we ready to roll?

There’s one thing bothers me though and that is I do not think the state of Chuuk has exhausted all it can do to provide a better life for its people. I do not believe the administrations and the people of Chuuk have exhausted all the means to make Chuuk that special place it deserves. There are lots of things yet to do but Chuuk has come a long ways.

I think those people that are passionately for the secession of Chuuk should spend their time and effort in helping Chuuk succeed in its current political form instead of directing their efforts on an unknown future. I am not saying it doesn’t help to try, I am just saying there are works that can be done to achieve the same results under the current structure.

Chuuk has a lot of things going for her. It has an awesome lagoon and an awesome people. It has a fascinating history. It has vast square miles of ocean and it has the population for human resources and so on and so forth. It’s a matter of putting them into good use. Again, it’s the responsibility of its people and its leaders.

If the people of Chuuk are willing to take a new path, then I respectfully nominate the new name for the new Country-the Republic of the people’s of Chuuk. I am expecting a payment if the name is chosen. Wakakakz. De-Kaaaz. You all are awesome. I pray and hope for the betterment of our Chuuk. God bless.

Before I leave you, I must say that the FSM may be willing to keep any island(s) in Chuuk to remain under its Federation thus continuing the state of Chuuk. In this case, Chuuk will divide itself into two pieces where one is independent of the Federation and the other is. I can only imagine showing passport to go from Weno to Uman or vice versa. I know one thing for sure. Yap would love to have Polowat, Unoun, Tamtam and the other Western Islands under its flag. Just a thought. lol.

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