Congratulations Lynn! And Rosie...
Congratulations Lynn! And Rosie…

As sons and daughters of his almighty, we always begin our days with a prayer of thank you to him for blessing us with his love, devotion and never ending guidance.

As graduates, we must turn our heads toward our parents and bow in salute for their love and especially for all that efforts they put into making sure we were awake, showered, fed and dropped off at school. For all they have sacrificed to ensure we met all the requirements to call ourselves the class of 2015.

As parents of these 2015 graduates, we must congratulate them for reaching this milestone on a treacherous journey of LIFE they must take. We must acknowledge them for putting up with our demands to come this far. We must thank them for all the mornings we put them through hell to get out of bed so they can get to their classrooms on time.

As a dad to my youngest daughter, I say CONGRATULATIONS Lynn on a job well done! You deserve all the spotlights today. It’s all about you girl. Words cannot describe how happy and proud I am to be your Papa. These words may describe what it takes to bring you this far: HARDWORK, COMMITMENT, RESILIENCY, ADAPTABALITY and FUN.

It’s hard work that gets you somewhere. You must commit yourself to something to truly get the benefits of understanding how it all comes together. You have to be resilient to face the many challenges life throws at you. And you must adapt to the changes in Life so you don’t get bogged down on things that are no longer applicable. I say time to spread the wings and fly.

Congratulations class of 2015!

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