Sunrise Prepping Salted Fish

Hello everyone and greetings from the small town of Othello, Washington. The morning is just awesomely quiet and eerily cold but my body has awaken to an air filled with the aroma of a little town in the middle of the country on the west side of these United States of America, nothing smells so good than the country side, where your Dinner Plate contents originated from. Laughing out Loud–but I do not think anyone can hear me. Hahaha. But then as I write looking out the window overlooking SR 26, I knew that road leads to somewhere.

And that’s where I found a beautiful couple witnessed by so many family and friends united in the name of a Marriage. And now I pronounced you a couple. lol. Ooops. I pronounced you a husband and a wife. I learnt many years ago that when you divided to similar whole numbers you get a whole #1. And that’s what I witnessed through my nephew Ketson and his now wife Joyleen.

For my family, it started the minute I got off work, jumped on our grey horse and headed south for 2 hours. We stopped in to Vancouver but our Feno and Wayne prepping foodfamily in Vancouver was out shopping so we decided to find us a hotel. We checked into two rooms at the Stay bridge and Suites on Airport Road, Portland, Oregon. Those guys were really nice and very accommodating. The breakfast was not as good though, they only have the usual ham and eggs. I am not sure when these hotels are going to provide Tuna and Taro for breakfast. Or Kon and Mackerel for lunch. I guess I have to do my best to open my own hotel where Tuna Sashimi and Taro for breakfast, Coconut Meat and Rice for Lunch and Peanut Butter and Rice for Dinner. That would be the best for this world. lol.

Get back to the wedding, I have never seen some dedicated family members in Sunrise, Jayjay Feno, Mr. Feno himself, Sina and her Mr. Wayne, and of course my Rose for prepping and cooking food until daybreak. These ladies and gentlemen never blink a complain or showed me a sign of weakness. But to leave out our sister Ketsy and the rest of the families that spent the night prepping and cooking would be a sin as they did the hardest work there was. It was families doing their part to make sure we all come together to witness the successful creation of a new and loving family, one that will add to the growing families we already have.

217The wedding ceremony started a little after one in Aurora, Oregon. These beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen all in beautifully planned colors, each with a bright smile and an unique brand, all cheered up to be witnesses to an occasion to remember. I did my part by recording every movement, every step and every words to ensure that nothing is lost and that everything is kept so we can all one day watch and appreciate what was accomplished on this very day. It can be a treasure of memories, an archive of our family’s historical events, one that no other cherishes but ourselves. The ceremony went without a hitch.

The reception was a little complicated as the crowd was much larger than the sizable venue that was reserved. And adding to the complications was the NW weather that cried itself out like no other day, making us run like rabbits from one tent to the next. The reception took a little longer but my family and I had to leave for a 7 hour drive and three state tour, from Oregon to Washington and on to the state of Idaho. It was a great moment to spend with families and especially to witness our nephew’s awesome day. I was just sad that we didn’t have to stay for the entire occasion. I hope and wish that they fully understand that we love them all. We just have to make this long journey, one that I hope will lead us somewhere in life.


I am about to leave Othello for the last leg of this drive so I must say goodbye for now so I can go get some breakfast and get ready for another 5 hours of road cruise.

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