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Please DO NOT INJECT yourself with any of these chemicals! Some crazy people thought you could, BUT PLEASE DON’T.

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Confirmed Cases
Pacific Islander's in Washington State Confirmed cases. Including Hawaiians


Hello ifagalz community, family and friends. I was not going to write anything about COVID19 and continue on my DIY projects, but my thoughts have changed to where I think I should share my own perspective on this terrible and scary disease.

The numbers or data used above are the latest I got from the Washington State Department of Health. They are the latest data, as of the printing or posting of this article.

There were a lot of data being thrown around about how this disease had disproportionately affected our Pacific Islander’s community. If you think about it, most if not all of us, can’t afford to just work from home. We must go to the chicken factory, the retail store, or the airport to make a living. And these places are on the front lines. WE MANNED THE ESSENTIAL JOB SITES!

For example, in my household, everyone (3 kids, my sister and my nephew) but myself had to work. Wifey and sister works in a grocery store, 1 kiddo works for FEDEX, 2 kiddos in Nursing Homes, and nephew in a meat packing place. They cannot stay home. I, on the other hand, was a self-employed and can stay home but I am not making any money. In other words, we Pacific Islanders,

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Jurisdictions are: Oregon, California, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico

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What do we do?

are prone to getting this terrible disease.

There are things we can do to protect ourselves, our family, our community, our state and our humanity. Please follow the guidelines we provided as a public service taken from the Washington State Health Department and provided by the Washington State Joint Information Center (WSJIC).

In addition to all of that, please use your Islander’s Ingenuity to make masks for everyone in your household. Wearing a mask can help minimizing the spread of this terrible disease.  Wash your groceries and everything you buy with hot water before putting them away.

Wash your hands frequently and do not ruin your pretty face by touching. Please do not touch your face! Your hands may be contaminated and touching your face increases the chance of you putting the virus close to your nose and thus the chance of you inhaling it. You can touch your prettyful face but only after you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. And remember to wash your hands again afterwards.

wear mask, keep drinking coffee, and please sanitize your hands and your house.


Leaving work and arriving at the house

Congratulations for getting through a tough day at work. Now, wash or sanitize your hands before heading out the door. And upon arriving at your house, please take off your shoes and place it very far away from anyone. We recommend you putting it in a paper bag and away from everyone. Your shoes may be contaminated and may be a carrier of the virus, so please be careful where you put it. 

I would also recommend putting all of your clothes in the washing machine right away and head straight for a head to toe shower, complete with soap and shampoo and under very hot shower. Make this a habit to minimize the chances of you or your family getting the virus. 

Sanitizing all the areas you touched may be a good habit too. But please remember that too much chemicals in the air may trigger asthma in some people. I would open all the windows and let fresh air in while sanitizing door handles, rails, tables and likes. 

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Will God punish me for not going to church?

Only God can answer that question for you. But here’s my thought. If you truly belief in God, then be at ease because he knows why you’re not showing up at church. You are practicing Social Distancing. To protect yourself, your neighbor, your family, your people, your community – YOU ARE PROTECTING GOD’S PEOPLE. So do your part.

If you’re one of those that think your freedom is more important than your life, at least wear a face mask to protect others. Following is what KING COUNTY in Washington State suggests you do, if not for yourself, for your friend or for grandma and grandpa. 

Please be considerate?

The Covid19 virus is very contagious. When you are out and about, please think of other people, especially the vulnerable ones. Wear the mask! If you don’t want to for whatever reason; your face is too cute for a mask, you are immune because of your brown skin, or your black magic can protect you, or whatever, at least know that others may be at risk. 

And if you are an employee of a restaurant or grocery store, please wear the mask to protect your customers. Again, here’s what our county, KING, in Washington State put out there for you and I. Let’s do it for each other!

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