Team Tony Ganngiyan and Francis Itimai

Tony Ganngiyan for Governor
Francis Itimai for Lt. Governor


We know that many are worried about what development entails because change is difficult and scary, so we want to reassure you that our administration is and has been doing its utmost to work alongside the administrators of our sister states of Pohnpei, Kosrae, and Chuuk, with the exemplary support and assistance of our Honorable President Peter Christian and the FSM Government, and the needful cooperation of the other branches of our state government, to ensure that we continue our journey toward economic independence and self-sufficiency as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible. This is because economic independence and self-sufficiency through economic development has been our primary national and state goal since attainment of our initial goal of political independence in 1986.

We are not steering Yap State onto a different path, away from what our nation’s founding fathers and our people and piling from yesteryear hoped for, but we have given our lives continuing to build on their work in order to achieve this very same goal of self-sufficiency through economic development for the people of Yap State. We have many challenges along this path, but we assure you that safely and surely, we are progressing.

We also realize that there are concerns and fears that economic development may somehow lead to the loss of our political independence. We would like to reassure you that as a state of the Federated States of Micronesia, which has representation in the United Nations, and a Compact of Free Association with the United States of America, that there are international and national laws protecting our FSM statehood and national sovereignty.

We promise you that we will continue this work started many years ago so that one day our people can proudly say alongside our Pohnpeian, Korsaean, and Chuukese brothers and sisters that we are truly an independent people, that our children won’t need to go abroad in masses to make a living, that we will be able to have the public service and comforts we need right here at home, through our own efforts.

Please vote for Francis and me on November 6, 2018 and allow us to continue to serve in your and your children’s best interests.

God bless us all, God bless the State of Yap, and God bless Micronesia. Thank you, Kammagargad, Hasachigchig.


“Change is not what we want, But it’s what we NEED today for a better tomorrow.”

Our Platform

First and foremost, we would like to the thank the great Lord above for giving us this opportunity to reach out to you fellow Yapese to inform you of our declaration of our joint candidacy for the up-coming...[click for more]

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