Dear Parents,

kids, uncles and everyone in between…

There’s no better time to remind our kids


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Greetings and good morning. From my rec-room to yours, may your day fill with love, joy, health and happiness.

If you’ve lost someone to this terrible virus, I on behalf of the ifagalz family, friends, valued viewers and guests, our deepest and sincere condolences. May God comfort you and yours and may he bless the souls of those that had left.

If today is your day, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc., may God bless you and yours and showers you with love, health, success and happiness.

You know, sitting here drinking and tapping and dreaming, I couldn’t be more happier to see how far our FSM people have come. I know. I know. There’s still a lot of challenges and many mountains and hills to climb, but we must acknowledge that we’ve made pretty good progress. I can now point and say a few names of my role models and my list have exponentially grown over the last several years. And it’s so humbling and a good feel to know that our people have made some headways here on the mainland and elsewhere. 

With all that said, there’s still many challenges for all of us to face. Especially parents. One thing I know we have control over is raising our kids to be good citizens and to live and die by our MICRONESIAN VALUES. Or at least close to it. 

Talking about MICRONESIAN VALUES, let’s ask ourselves what those values are. And before going further, I must pay respect and ask for forgiveness from the elders and leaders of our Micronesia who are more knowledgeable. Please forgive me if I get this all wrong, but rest assured, I did my best. 

Family, family, family. Clan. Clan. Clan. Village. Village. Village. Island. Island. Island. Islands. Islands. Islands. Do I need to explain all that? In all these words, I see LOVE, I see COMMUNITY, I see SHARING, I see COOPERATION, I see RESPECT, I see TEAM, I see STRONG. I will let you think about family, clan, village and Island, BUT I will explain what the last one is. 

Why ISLANDS? You see, in some contexts, if someone asks me where I am from, you may hear me say I am Remathau. Meaning, I am from a group of Islands, and not just one. And believe it or not, Remathaus are in CHUUK, in YAP, SAIPAN and even PALAU. 

Now, as parents we must work hard to let our kids know what the responsibilities are. Toward your family, your clan, your village, your island and your islands. 

A lot of kids, including mine will say forget the MICRONESIAN VALUES because they grow up here. It’s your fault as a parent for bringing them here. And your uncles from back home will say your kids are acting like AMERICANOS because the VALUES are different here. 

Well, let me explain why I think that is totally wrong. It is a huge misunderstanding of the American Culture.

In AMERICA MONEY RULES! No question about that. And as someone told me, MONEY IS EVIL! The other guy told me, MONEY IS GOD! MONEY IS KING! MONEY IS GOLD. So, I guess the easy way to explain this is leave it to the DOLLAR. Nah, just joking. 

Well, SUCCESS in America is, yes you guessed it right, MONEY. Yes, other things can be too but it all boils down to MONEY. But one thing I noticed is that most of the rich or successful people in America are the ones with strong FAMILY ties. Or a strong family. So if you want to be successful in America, you must have strong family ties. And if you are part of a company, you become part of that company’s family. You are part of their TEAM. Right? Sounds familiar? 

Let’s make this short. In America, if you want to be successful, it involves family, church, company, city, county, state, territories, and the United States. In those words, I see LOVE, I see COMMUNITY, I see SHARING, I see COOPERATION, I see RESPECT and yes, I see TEAM. It’s a little bit more challenging, but it’s pretty similar to MICRONESIA! 

Let’s get to work, parents. Invite your kids to We Are Oceania! Invite your kids to Pacific Islanders Community Association of Washington! Invite your kids to the FSM COVID19 TASK FORCE USA! Invite them to meet the mayor, the police chief, the head of state. Get them involved in community and family gatherings. Just be sure to wear the mask and get vaccinated today!!!!!
May God bless you and may he bless our FSM. 

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Kallahngan. Kinisou. Kammagar. Kulo Mulalap.