Hitting an animal on the freeway going 70 miles an hour is not a fun thing. In fact, it can kill both of you. I was fortunate to live to tell this story.

It was a beautiful day driving around the country side when this thing came out of nowhere and hit my Truck. I didn’t have a chance to maneuver, I just hit the damn thing straight on. I think that’s what saves my life because I really didn’t have time to react. Who knows what would I do if I saw it coming.


After a few research and talking to people, I found out that people got killed by the choices they make when reacting to hitting an animal. People tried to avoid hitting it but ended up killing themselves by running off the roadway and hit something or running into the opposite traffic.

007Instead of me flying off the freeway, it was the poor animal flew to the side from the impact which saves me from going out of my vehicle to move it aside. My Truck lost its grille and the left light was tottalled but the engine was intact. The hood got tended but nothing really major that can prevent it from taking me to point B. I was fortunate because it could cost me more if the tires or wheels would have fallen off from towing and whatnot. But the most important thing was that I am alive.

I’ve heard stories of deer flying through the windshield and kill people with their hooves or people lying with the Deer on the road because they thought it’s death and tried to handle it but got kicked instead. So I researched and found different ways of dealing with this serious and deadly situation.

According to some of the people I spoke with, they said if you are going to hit a deer or any animal, it’s better to speed up so to lift the front of your vehicle, but this is totally wrong. This can lead to different results. One, you may loose control of your vehicle and second, that thing will fly through your windshield more faster than if you go slower and that means a higher chance of you getting killed. So the best thing is to slow down, hold on to your wheels and just hit it. Swerving “verb (used without object) 1. to turn aside abruptly in movement or direction; deviate suddenly from the straight or direct course.” can be deadly because you can loose control of your vehicle or you may end up running into the opposing traffic or off the road way and into poles or trees.


I am sure we all value our lives and wouldn’t run over an animal we have that choice but when going 70 miles an hour, the decisions we make can be a life saver or life taker. And even after the collision, you have to make the right choices. For example, you must be sure the animal is dead before trying to remove it from the roadway, otherwise it may just kill you. So the best solution would be to contact the authorities as they know what to do. And if something goes wrong, at least you have someone else to look out for you.

136Another important thing to remember is that most Insurance companies do not cover collisions of this type, please don’t ask me why. The best way to know is to contact your insurance provider. But please be aware that a small claim may end up costing you more down the road because insurance companies use those information to cache your insurability. Which means they may raise your premium because of that, so the best way to fix your vehicle maybe just to do it on your own or pay cash to get it fixed. I am actually waiting on my parts so I can bring my poor trailblazer back to it’s original look.

As Islanders, we do not drive that often, especially out on the country roads, so this is to remind you and to make you aware of this danger out there if you happen to do it one day. Sharing this experience is my way of hoping that you do not find yourself in the same situation or worse. Please be safe out there. And remember you can Drink and Drive-drink Water! It hydrates you and keeps you awake. lol.

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