Jun with the Eagles. The one standing without his helmet.
Jun with the Eagles. The one standing without his helmet.

It’s Monday Night Football (MNF) in Federal Way, Washington too! Let’s go Eagles. Turns out, it’s the best MNF ever for me because I have to watch my son and his eagles taking on the Titans early in the evening and go home and sit on my couch, Coors in my left hand, cheering the Skins and Boys beating each other up. Nothing is better than that! Plus, Tuesday is my mid week off, all because of football, so I can sleep in. Yay.

Let’s get back to the Eagles vs. Titans game. I wasn’t going to go watch these guys but my second half kept on bugging me for not leaving up to a Wify’s expectations of sitting in on every game a son or daughter is in. OMG. Really? I just got off work Babe. But then, she is the boss. Plus she kept on saying it’s our oldest son’s last game for the year and everything just to get me out of bed and go watch the game. The poor me jumped out of bed and head straight for the vacuum and started prepping my truck for the ride. Or at least to show that I can at least do something, hoping that she can let me off the hook so I can sit at home waiting for the real football to start. Sorry Jun and little guys on the Eagles but I gotta a game to watch. Hahaha.

BTW, my stunt didn’t really work out. My youngest daughter called me to pick her up from school and then continued what her mom did by begging me to take her to Jun’s football game. Really? I thought for a moment that I would be staying home just waiting to watch the Skins and Boys killing each other.

The next thing I know, I was sitting on the East Side of the Todd Beamer High School Outdoor, Open Space, stadium. The weather was pretty nice for late October. It was a little cold but a light jacket can do the trick. As for thyself, I didn’t plan on going to this game, so I was in my Captain Cook T-shirt and Islander’s slippers. So for me, it was pretty cold. I had to borrow my daughter’s small jacket and my grand daughter was having a fun day telling me how ugly I look in the little jacket. lol. I told her to shut up and watch Jun and his eagles…

The first series for the Titans ended in a turn over at about the 40 yards line of the Eagles. The Eagles first series ended with 6 points and a successful two point conversion to go up 8 nothing. During the kickoff, the returner fumbled the ball on about the 21 yard line but the Eagles didn’t get anything out of it. The first penalty of the game came on that drive and it was called on my boy Jun for encroachment.

The Eagle’s fans were frustrated about the call cuz Jun didn’t even pass his linemen. He started about 2 yards out and began his way in before the ball was snapped and I guess the sideline ref thought he crossed. It was funny to me though cuz I knew the ref was thrown off just because the way Jun began too soon in moving closer to the line. I expected the Offensive linemen to flinch but the referee was the one did. Jun wouldn’t stop laughing about this call when I talked to him about it. He told me his coach was laughing it off too because Jun didn’t make the other side flinch but the referee, and it cost them 5 yards. Hahaha. Referee, why you gotta be so rude. Jun is a human too… Hehehe.

The Eagles got one more touchdown in the 2nd quarter but couldn’t convert on a two point try and the 1st half ended with the Eagles up 14 to nothing.

The 3rd quarter was really a challenging quarter for the Eagles cuz they fumbled the ball twice and couldn’t convert on a 4th down. I can see the kids really getting into it. The titans decided they were successful running the ball so that’s what they did and that really puts a lot of pressure on the Eagle’s defense. One Eagle player got ejected for trying to punch a titan. lol these kids. I felt for the guy because the Titans were doing this powerful running where they just stacked up and run the ball head on. I guess the Eagles were tired and get frustrated that they weren’t able to stop these guys. Well, they sort of did cuz the Titans couldn’t muster enough power to convert on 4th and inches. In fact, they went backward like 5 yards. And so the 3rd ended with no scores on both sides.

During the 45th quarter though, the Eagles were able to get in for one more touchdown but again couldn’t convert a 2 point try. 4th Quarter came to an end with the Eagles shutting out the Titans 20 to nothing.

My boy Jun played Center on offense and Linebacker on defense. I thought he played well. On the sideline, he has a noisy and fun to watch cheer leader, my grand daughter. He was yelling and cheering for Jun. Here is how her cheer goes: “Go Go Uncle Jun. Your team is my number 1.” The fans were so appreciative of her they were joining her in cheering for the Eagles. She was so cute I wish I took videos of her.

Eagles Cheerleader
Eagles Cheerleader

The Titans really played well and they were so competitive but they cannot just get the ball into the end zone. They have some really good players. In fact, their running back played with Jun throughout their middle school years as Warriors. It was funny seeing them playing against each other. When Jun is the center, he’s the Middle Linebacker and kept on trying to get Jun snap the ball sooner or flinch so he can be called for false start. I really enjoyed watching them play against each other.

Now that the game has ended, it’s time to enjoy the Skins and the Boys beating up on each other.

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