Election in the state of yap is over

Now what?

Congratulations from all of us here at Ifagalz going exactly 5,546 miles to the wonderful state of Yap, where they just wrapped up the 2018 election cycle. We’ve published the unofficial results here in graphs and pies to give our readers a more objective or let’s say graphical view of how it all went down.

It was a very close one indeed between the two teams vying to become the Governor and Lt. Governor of the state of Yap. We should congratulate both teams for working hard to get their supporters to the poles and especially for sharing their views and plans for the citizens of the state of Yap to see and digest.

Now, it’s in the books, the election is over. Time to get down to business and work harder to get our state ahead.

Money talks right? Yes indeed. I have lived a very long while away, very far away from the home front but the news I am getting is somewhat surprising or at least I am not prepared to understand it. Or maybe accept it. I still have high hopes though.

Micro Spirit was gone and H1 is out of dry dock and found itself yet again in trouble with some type of malfunction. Trip to the OI is delayed for a couple of days and who knows for how long.

Let’s start there, transportation is very important to the people of the Outer Islands of Yap! Seems like the state of Yap is accelerating in one area but lagging in another. I am talking CIA and PMA vs. H1.

Should Henry/Salalu prioritize transportation for the Outer Islands? If so, should they recommend every island allow runways to be built? Or should they work with Figir and Urusemal and find ways to get a RELIABLE ferry?

I was done with H1 long time ago! Stop making excuses for her! If it’s donated or not, I do not care. The US taxpayers and the people of Yap, especially the OI people expected you to do your job as public servants and find ways to get them a decent reliable ship! Stop spending money on an already dying ship and invest in a NEW RELIABLE one!

I do hope that Henry/Salalu see this as a top priority, not only for today but the tomorrows too.

Second, everyone except the Republicans and the US current president knows global warming is an issue. Our islands need leadership in this area! When I last spoke with Congressman Figir on the phone, he told me our state is way far behind in this area and that there were funds available but were not used because it was not a priority, at least for our state.

Now, I hope that Henry/Jesse will offer the needed leadership on this front.

And what I heard is that the current lifestyle on our islands had changed where women wake at 4AM not to go to the taro patch but to cook water for coffee and then go to sleep. They don’t have to worry about going to get taros anymore because there’s an abundance of CHINESE RICE that can be cooked in minutes.

Knowing this now makes me wonder if Henry/Jesse can do a good job reviving the old traditions of getting up early to go walk the taro patches or go trolling for tuna. I think the Council of Tamol (COT) will have a lot of saying on this one. Good luck chiefs!

Now, if we do have the funds to help our islands, what is the best way to utilize them? Taro patches are flooded with sea water-why not using these funds to raise the taro patches and get them taros out of the seawater.

Let’s give the new administration time to settle in and help our state moving forward, ever closing in on the end of the COFA inflow of cash in 2023.

We must thank the Taxpayers of America, yours truly included, for sharing a little bit of cash with our island nation of Micronesia and down to our beloved state of Yap.

yap state

new leadership

Henry Falan - Governor Elect

If we are elected, I and my running mate, Jesse John Salalu, pledge to all Yap citizens to open the doors and windows of Yap State Government and let in the fresh air of transparency and honesty in all matters.

Jesse Salalu - Lt. Governor Elect

On behalf of Henry Falan, myself, our team and our families, I would like to first thank God for letting His will to be done as we all have seen! We also want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers and support. Congratulations to all the voters that came out to vote in this general election including those that voted for us and those who voted for the other team. We love you all and we pray that God will bless all of us and the two teams and our families with His Love so that we all can come together once again to love each other and work together to get things done for the wonderful people of Yap.

Our philosophy

If elected, full accountability with our fellow citizens will be the hallmark of our administration and of the work that we will do together as we all move toward our shared future, and the future of our children and grandchildren.

About our future

We believe strongly that our island must not rely solely on others for our future. That does not mean we are against development. Quite the opposite. But development must be planned strategically, not as a response to “fear”...

Have you heard of Yap in Micronesia?

Disclaimer: Made up Characters but based on true encounters and conversations.