Ifalik PCVs in the state of Washington, from left, Cal, Ernest and Jun.  lol
Ifalik PCVs in the state of Washington, lol

Why does it matter? Seems like every election is the crossroad? Don’t you think so? Every candidates and every campaigns seem to think so.

I am not a scientist nor a politician, as you may have already known, I am only a Micronesian Blogger, so it’s obvious I am struggling to understand the meaning of crossroad. We got to see if we can define it. Let’s get straight to it gentlemen. Ooops, pardon my ignorance ladies. Oh, I forgot I have not seen a girl running in a Yap state election as of yet. Hey, you girls, when will you run? Hahahaha. Let’s do that next time, alright.

Crossroad in the election sense, I would think is where we have to decide which road to take, right before you hit the intersection. Right? Yeah, Mr. Xavier Fethalmai? Ok, I hear you big bro. Joey. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it’s that crucial point where a decision has to be made. I don’t think we are too far off then.

Why is this a crucial point in our Young Yap State Democracy or government? I would suspect the fact we are running out of time before the compact money runs out has to be on top of the list. Is that really it? So what? Is the world going to end in Yap? Well, too much to think of I know. But in this election, it’s very clear to me we are really in that crossroad. It’s really is crunch time. It is the ultimate decision making point.

We, Yapese, have to make the best decision and pick the right politicians to enslave (excuse my wording here, but it’s the job of them politicians) them on a mission to find the right path for our government, our economy and our future. We must pick the candidates that can clearly define a way forward, economically, politically and socially. We have come this far, thanks to the previous administrations and politicians and we must continue on the mission of making Yap the best in Micronesia. Wow, I feel like a politician saying all that. Wakakakakz.

We have to find politicians that are willing to put their philosophical prides behind and find ways for Yap to replace the depleting revenue resources. Politicians that will take risks to find the resources that Yap can tap into when the compact funding runs out. Politicians that can bring the Yap populace to the understanding that Yap is not isolated any longer and we must move way past our customs and traditions to remain competitive in this global environment. Politicians that can make the Yap citizens understand that culture is a living thing that does change with time. Politicians that can bring our people together! Even during hard times.

Oh, and politicians that will accept me as a proud citizen of Yap, even if I am working from my home, like thousands and thousands of miles away from Colonia, Yap. Politicians that will think of its citizens, no matter where they are on this planet. As I once heard, I maybe sitting in Seattle comfortably, but my heart and soul are in the middle of downtown Colonia. Wakakakakakakz.

Believe it or not, every time I buy something and see the 9.50% tax on my receipt, I smiled and say, THERE GOES MY CONTRIBUTION TO MY GOVERNMENT IN YAP AND THE FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA. Every time I get my paycheck, I see the few hundreds I pay into the US tax system, I smiled and say, THERE GOES MY CONTRIBUTION TO MY GOVERNMENT IN YAP AND THE FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA. The point is, whether we are home in Yap or in the states, we are still representing our state of Yap.

The ETG debate has gone too long without any progress as far as I can tell and that is bothersome on so many levels. Whether you agree or disagree, there must be something that both sides can agree on. But the longer things drags along, it’s only tells me that we cannot come to an agreement on anything. We have to use the compromise wherever we can to move forward.

As you can see, the Republicans think that shutting down the government here in the state is the smartest thing to do. After all that, they wasted millions if not billions in tax payers money without accomplishing anything. We, Yapese cannot do that. We do not have the resources to waste money on anything that will hinder our development.

Now that I have said enough, let’s put down the list. So far, we have these gentlemen running for offices.

Gubernatorial Candidates:
1. Tony Ganangyan/James Yangetmai
2. Henry Falan/Sabino Sauchomal

Senatorial Candidates:

Election District I
1. Fidelis Thiyer
2. Clement Mulalap (Incumbent)
3. Nicholas Figirlaarwon
4. John Mooteb (Incumbent)
5. Alphonso Ganang

Election District II
1. Jesse Raglmar-Subolmar (Incubment)
2. Lazarus M. Ulith

Election District III
1. John Masiwemai (Incumbent)
2. Dominic Maletaluo

Election District IV
1. Jerry Fagolimul (Incumbent)

Election District V
1. Joseph B. Tiucheimal

Sorry Election District V, but I do not know who the current senator is. I will assume s/he running and is the incumbent. lol.

Here are the forms for your pleasure……. converted them into PDF files for easy access. Please click on the links to download the forms.



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