My Values


Jerry J. Fagolimul

My two favorite quotes from famous leaders are “United we stand, divided we fall” and “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”.I certainly believe that these are applicable messages to all of us because the messages are clear and we all should strive to apply to ourselves in order to contribute by truly adhering to  these very important principles and developing our islands to be sustainable and resilience in any development and changes coming to our shores, whether man-made or natural causes and effects.

In our leadership role, I believe we should try to be truly united and to have island ways of reaching practical decisions to benefit the communities and people living in these remote villages and islands. Leadership should always consult many people representing areas of our State and incorporate their valuable ideas in the decision-making process from the beginning to the final one before actual implementation of action plans to take place in our islands. On the other hand, citizen of our State or nation should try and contribute to make our islands better place for living standards suitable for our people.

Thus, my journey began in the old days of my youth to today’s profile. I began with education pursuit of wonder and exploration to satisfy my curiosity. First, my six years of primary education started out on my home island of Ifalug when the first Peace Corps volunters arrived in the islands.

Then I had to travel away from home to spend three years of junior high school at OIHS on Felalop, Ulithi before transferring to another high school in another place called Chuuk to attend the jesuit-run Xavier High School on Mabuchi Hill. 

After graduation from this prestigious school, I went on into a totally different world to further my college education at Chaminade University of Honolulu studying Biology two years, and then transferred to Hawaii Pacific University to study Marine Science but graduated with Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts degree of Science and Mathematics.

Later on after working many years in the governments of Yap State (20 years) and FSM National Government (6 years) and the institution of COM-FSM Yap Campus (10), I am grateful with the valuable knowledge and experiences gained in my service and career. While working I also pursued and obtained my degree Master of Education in Curriculum Studies from University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Education in conjunction with PREL under National Science Foundation grant.

I have worked for the State of Yap for about twenty good years, starting with Marine Resources Management Division for 11 years, EPA for 3 years and joined the Early Retirement scheme, and now Yap State Legislature for 8 years now. I served in the eighth Legislature serving on Resources Education and Development (RED) and serve in the present 9th Legislature as the Floor Leader, serving on the RED committee first and then transferred to Finance Committee on which I am currently serving.

I worked for the COM-FSM Yap Campus for 10 years as part-time Instructor and became full-time staff of the Upward Bound College Prep program at Woleai High School and later moved to Yap Campus to serve Yap High School UB students. From there on I went in to serve Election District four in the Legislature until today.

My accomplishments in my career can only be judged by the good Lord so I leave it up to Him. Today, I am seeking re-election for the upcoming election mainly to help in united fashion the leadership in the islands, in the State, and with our Nation to transition into 2023 and beyond for our children and the future generation so my focus should me on the youth and their education and development of human resources.

Climate change is so critical for survival of our people on our small islands and atolls and coastal areas so I will make this as critical issue that we all need to understand and to take it seriously in the planning and development. I can go on and on but time and space here is limited but I can only promise that I am always a team player and I will be an active participant of the leadership team of our State so help me God.