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A Morning of
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A typical day of an islander living the American Life far far away from home. 

Good morning ifagalz valued guests, friends and family. It’s another beautiful morning here in the Pacific Northwest with the temperature hovering around 60 degrees and thanks to the sea breeze from the Pacific Ocean, the smoke has moved out. It’s all clear now and Seattleites can breathe easy. 

Yes, Seattleites can breathe easy! Thanks to the 12s, RUSSEL WILSON got fired! and was blown out of the Lumen Field. I hope not to see him in the captain seat of my Alaska Air flight to Kona, Hawaii. I am sure I won’t see him because he is no longer the captain. Bye bye Russ. Time to move on… 

And thank God, my Oregon State Beavers hammered their way to a victory beating Fresno State and is now ready to take on Montana and on to USC. It was a WIN all around this weekend. The best thing is, FOOTBALL is back. I am ready and will definitely go to a game this year. But before all that, we got stuff to think about. 

Back home in Yap, the COVID19 is spreading like a wildfire, no surprise there. The only way to keep these islands COVID FREE is to simply isolate them from the rest of the world. No cargoes, no fishing vessels, no nothing. Just live the simple life and hope for the best. Vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic for our island folks and I do pray that the government is up to par in providing them with the boosters as well. 

I am one of those that belief there’s really no point in closing down the borders when planes and ships still arriving and leaving Yap, or Chuuk for that matter. Long before they started testing aggressively on Yap, I already predicted that there’s already community spreading going on, it’s just a matter of doing more testing. I believed the same for our beloved Chuuk State. 

My humble opinion is to open up the borders and aggressively educating and vaccinating the public to include the latest booster shots. I really don’t see any point in making it hard for families to visit each other. 

Now, there’s some good news going on in the FSM. It looks like the Dual Citizenship thing is again in the news and I am hoping they will send more people to my home state of Yap to educate them on what it means for all of us. Please use the search bar to find my piece on this topic. 

Anyways, if you are in Portland, Oregon, we are making a trip down to deliver orders this weekend. Please submit your order(s) to us so we can bring it down and help you not pay for the shipping. Please reach out to me on facebook or simply email me here on ifagalz using the contact us form. 

Hope to hear from you soon and God bless. 

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