I found these in a store in Seattle, Washington. Vote for me and I will tell you where. lol
I found these in a store in Seattle, Washington. Vote for me and I will tell you where. lol

Now that the election is out of the way, it’s time to make some noise and have some fun with the findings we made during our studying of the results. And I kid you not, we got tons of those. These findings were amazing and hilarious that they cracked me up to a point where I had to leave my desk and take a walk strolling the neighborhood. I thought I wouldn’t find something amazing and hilarious about our Yap elections. I thought wrong. The data I looked at blew my mind away and decided to share the fun with you all.

Let’s begin by saying how proud I am to be a Yapese. Our election was done well, thanks to the women and men of the Yap State Election Commission (EC). You guys did a phenomenal job! You Yapese Pohnpeaian voters don’t count so go drink some Sakau or climb the Sokehs Rock. Better yet, go to Nett Point and jump into the water. You should feel much better. Oh, btw, you guys do count, but your votes will have to wait for the next cycle. You should know the Yap State EC has nothing to do with the delivery. It’s those damn delivery peeps at DHL (“D” HOLDING LOCATION) Express. Their job is to hold them ballots for next year. They did everything right except they deliver the ballots a year too soon. Wow. Where are the freaking Expatriate Lawyers when we needed them?

No need for lawyers, we Yapese have our own ways of settling disputes. We sit in circles and drink out of the same cup. If you drop the cup, you leave the crowd and join another circle in a different part of the island. See, we Yapese are very traditional. We live and die by our culture, our traditions and our customs. Except when we are in the voting booth.

When you are in that voting booth, all alone by yourself, you started to think of the amazing taste of the canned mackerel, the headless sardines, and the softness of the all too much fiber bleached rice, and the smell of that Americano Dream. It’s amazing. It’s fascinating. It’s pure Chinese delight! Oh yeah baby. It’s so clear to you now, the pop of the soda, the smell of the cash, and o yes, the vibration of the motor as you sped down Tumon bay and found yourself at Paseo staring lawlessly into the Channel wondering when would be a good time to pick up the island girl from KMart. OOps, it’s time to pick the candidates of your choosing. Tilted your head, lifted up the pencil and confidently marked off the names. You’ve voted. Super. You did your job as a citizen of the state of Yap. One simple thing you forgot was how your vote impacts those poor people on your beautiful island of Satawal.

And the news out of the island of Satawal, is that Mr. Ramoloilug got 57.9 percent of the vote, Mr. Tiucheimal comes in second at 41.2% and Mr. Sermanyoung at .9%. These are votes that were cast by voters currently living and live off the lands on the island of Satawal. Of course, you know Mr. Tiucheimal won the election by winning out all the polling places outside of Satawal except for OIHS and Palau. Seeing this result got me questioning the intend of the people of the beautiful island of Satawal. It’s very interesting to see there is a huge conflict here between the people that voted and probably live on the island and those Satawalese living outside the island. I do not know whom my friend Lorenzo voted for, but I hope that he had a chance to speak to the people currently living on the island. This is interesting.

If I am Mr. Tiucheimal, I wouldn’t celebrate this win knowing that the majority of Satawelese living on the island do not support me. I feel for my former principal but knowing his abilities I am sure he will ensure that those people living on Satawal understand why he seeks to represent them. Good luck sir. Kill them with passion and kindness. I hope you don’t feel bad loosing at your former school, the Outer Islands High School (OIHS). Just for the fun of it, our former OIHS principal, Mr. Tiucheimal lost to Mr. Ramoloilug at OIHS by 7.6%. With all the votes cast at OIHS, the former principal got 46.2% while Mr. Ramoloilug got 53.8%. That’s 6 votes for Mr. Tiucheimal and 7 votes for Mr. Ramoloilug.

The Satawal’s voting result has me thinking on the justifications of allowing Yapese living abroad the power of voting. I was not a supporter of disallowing those voters the chance to participate, but are there arguments to the contrary? You tell me. If we have more people living abroad than people actually living on those islands, who’s interest is the election intended for? Are the elected officials working to better the lives of Ifalikese living in Texas or living on Ifalik? Are they there to work on behalf of those living in Seattle, Washington or Gargey, Yap? Who’s going to be more affected by the results of our elections? Those living on our islands or those that choose to live 1000 miles away?

Now, on to some other interesting facts. Do you know Mr. Igechep got zero vote from CNMI? Can anyone tell me what is is CNMI? Is it College of the Northern Mariana Islands? If so, then I can guess no wonder Mr. Igechep got no vote since he went to a different college. Do you know that there are 4 Republicans on Ngulu and the rest are Democrats? Republicans are known to be good voters so they went out and cast all their votes but no Democrats did. Dangit, you Dems. What the heck is wrong with you? lol.

Did anyone understand what the proposed amendment to the constitution is/means? Why is it so important? So the legislature won’t have a say in gambling issues? Or was it to allow the public to decide for the legislatures? Is our YSL afraid of taking side on this issue that they just have to kick it out to the public? Is gambling a problem? And Investment? Can we have a better Amendment to the constitution where as, when a carbage is donated to the state for transporting its citizens, the state will in turn sell the carbage and buy a more economical and better suited alternative? Something more meaningful. Allowing and disallowing the Legislature to do whatever is the least of our concerns I think. You voted them to make tough decisions, right? So you elected officials, the public has spoken – Do your freaking job! That’s why 52.5 percent of the public said no to the amendment, so you can do your job and decide if gambling will be allowed or not, in special circumstances. Get off your seat and take a stand!

And stand you do. For the Chieng/Itimai(C&I) team, they are all in to win the Gubernatorial race. But to the Falan/Souchomal(F&S) team, the C&I ticket was there to spoil everything for them, at least that’s how I view it. The data I looked at showed that If Chieng/Itimai ticket was not on the ballot, there’s a pretty good chance, that Falan would be the next Governor and Souchomal would be the next Lieutenant governor of Yap. So, I can surely say, the C&I team is the Spoilers of this election cycle. Just a piece of advice for the F&S team, next time, make sure to convince the C&I team to wait a little longer for their turn. Convince them with your full support when their chance finally comes. Play some real politics, you know. I know it’s too late now but a good learning experience for all.

There are a lot of things I wanted to know about this election which I know it’s hard to do. I’ve always wanted to know what impacts the election the most. Is it culture? Relationships? Or is it Education? I guess I will have to be on Yap to really find the answers but we all know the truth now-the voters of Yap have spoken. Live with the results. So long readers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it. Peace out y’all.

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