Waikiki at night from my hotel room. Surprisingly cheaper than previous properties I had stayed at in the mainland. I paid $164 a night staying in a suite on the 26th floor. The view is amazing! The best part is seeing the ocean side as well as the hillside. It was just amazing. 

Sa Hashigeshig Pwan Kinisou Chapur

Aloha everyone. Well, the trip was a success! Let’s give our praises and thank the man above for all he planned that we traveled and came home in one piece. Got to say Rest In Love again to our loved one whom God has chosen to be with him in heaven. A huge shout out to our families that had given up time, showed their love and gave us so much to treasure and cherish for the rest of our lives. Mahalo everyone. May God be with you and yours, everyday. 

Ubering to the Airport

Ubering has gotten a little expensive I must admit, but the ride was comfortable, safe and got us to the terminal safely. I gave a pretty good tip for the driver and gave him a 5 star for all that work, DRIVING. lol. 

Ok, you got it. Not much of a work when one drives, but I enjoyed sitting like a VIP back there. Hahahaha. You have to try it out. The feeling is different when your life is literally in someone else’s hands. As for us, this is the beginning and it will only end by the time we arrive at the airport in Honolulu.  

Seattle International Airport

Going through security at SEATAC (Seattle-Tacoma) International Airport is a nightmare! Staff shortage? IDK. Lots of Construction going? Maybe. But the line is just too long and a little confusing. I am praying they fix this problem soon.

Once you pass this nightmarish part of the SEATAC Experience, you’re on a cruise. Everything looks and feels like you’re already in paradise, minus the gloomy Seattle Skies and foggy wet fields. The Alaska Airlines Brand New North Terminal was just amazing. It was a treat to experience it all before they do the official opening. The N-Concourse is truly a work of art. Enough said about this section so I don’t ruined it for your next adventure. 

Had plenty of time on my hand to buy snacks or food for the flight but I said NO to all of those thoughts. I was like, it’s not a big of a deal. It’s going to take only 6 hours in that tube flying through the heavens. As you will see, it was a mistake. 

One thing I got right though,  was got inline to get a wrist band for Vaccinated Travelers to the state of Hawaii. I noticed the line grew so long that I was padding my back for being able to get in front of everyone else. I would be stressed out. Especially in dealing with the Alaska employee trying to teach you how to access apps and websites. Poor girl trying to do customer service and be a computer scientist at the same time. Hehehe. She literally slowed me down trying to teach me the steps to process my documents. I had to stop her and asked her to do my wife’s so I can finish mine quicker. She realized how quick I did mine that she handed me my wife’s phone and asked if I can do hers too. And said, she should have just let me do it, so she can watch and learned the quicker way. Hehehehe.  


Alaska boards by group. Families with kids, disabled, veterans, First Class, Group 1 and so and so forth. What I observed was passengers not reading or understanding the directions and they damn crowded the boarding line. It would be nicer and smoother, if people can just follow the directions. But then, who knows how to read these days. Hahaahaha. We’re all into Youtubing, Facetiming, and Zooming that we forgot how to read the chatroom messages. Hahahahaha. Anyways, the boarding area was very crowded and all these people were the last ones to board the plane. They should have stayed way back and waited for their turn so we don’t pump into them. Next time you board a plane, please read the directions. 



So I was in the second row of the premium seat section just behind the First/Business class. That section was closer to the lavatory in the First/Business class. This was when I was wondering if this was how segregation and caste systems work.

The other lavatories on this plane were at the back of the plane. Premium seats???? Did I just paid extra to walk all the way to the back of the plane; knowing there were lavatories a few steps in the front? The guy next to me told me we cannot use the ones in the First/Business class section, so I waited for the service cart to pass before going all the way to the back. It was like walking down the church aisle when the readings were being read. Everyone was looking at you and wondering what you’re up to. Hahahaha. 

Done and out and saw that the service cart is smacking blocked me from getting to my seat. The plane was packed so there was no empty seat for me to move out of the way. The flight attendants were very accommodating that they pushed the cart all the way to the first/business class section so I can get to my seat. 

The curiosity in me made me questioned the guy next to me. I went ahead and asked the flight attendants if we can use the lavatories at the front of the plane. They told me we can when food/beverages are served because there’s not really a way of getting around the cart. Hearing that, the guy apologized and said they chased him away from those in the front, so he was just trying to prevent me from the same situation. 

Next time you fly, think hard about those premium seats. They are comfortable and everything, but if you have to walk all the way to the back of the plane, then was it worth it. You decide. Maybe pick the ones at the back of the premium section? Good luck. 

The flight was long at about 6 hours or so.  Lots of time for coffee. 

Our toy. Very clean, comfortable and roomy for the rough roads we traveled, especially in Chinatown. lol. 


Safely landed. We were directed straight to the baggage claims, thanks to the wrist band, letting them know we were law abiding humans that took the vaccines, not only to protect ourselves, but also to protect others. Picked up the one luggage we checked in and head straight for the rental counter. 

When arrived at the counter, there were 2 lines. One for Gold Members and the other for the general population. I looked at my membership and it said President’s Circle so I proceeded to the general population line. The other line said Gold Members! It took me a while cuz there were people in front of me.

The other line was pretty empty as people just come and go. I assumed those were the gold members, which was correct. What I didn’t know was Gold Member is the general name of all members. There’s different level of membership under that. See? I was duped. Hahahaha. 

When it was finally my turn, the counter clerk looked at my file and said, sir, you should have been in the other line. I was like, but my membership said President’s Circle and not Gold Member.  He apologized and explained all that I needed to know. He said, your in the top tier of our membership and deserved the fast service. I said, so you intentionally slowed this line down because they’re not members? Hahahaha. Poor guy obviously said no. 

It pays to become members of these different companies. Especially if you’re going to use their services more frequently. And the service is always better, because they were told to keep loyal customers happy.