Today, let us hold in our hearts and minds the brave and resilient Maui families, particularly our Micronesian brothers and sisters, who have encountered great tragedy. We offer you our love and support and believe that, in time, each and every one of you will find the strength to heal and move forward.

Moving forward, as we commence this ambitious project of fostering a sustainable and livable environment, it is essential that we acknowledge and pay our respects to the ancestral chiefs, people, spirits, and natives to these lands that we are now sharing. Their wisdom and guidance will help us take the right path.

Our first week saw us clear an area of roughly 140 feet from the front of the property where we will build a traditional hut. Each step of the way, we did it with love, care, and

My brother Koli is cleaning this log and prep it so we can use it as a post to our traditional hut built

respect for the land. We were blessed to see the beautiful Chinese Guava trees and to utilize the logs from the native ohia trees that we cut to build in the future.

We were thrilled to see the healthy soil that will be excellent for planting crops like taro, bananas, papayas, yam, tapioca, among others. And, a highlight was undoubtedly the 3 breadfruit trees that we were able to plant by the end of the week.

With each succeeding day, let us remember to honor and show gratitude to the land and community that surrounds us. By working together in harmony with our environment, we will create a thriving, sustainable future for all who call Hawaii home.

One of three breadfruit trees we planted this week. We will add more next week including other trees and plants.

When taking on a home project, it’s important to remember that unexpected setbacks can happen. Unfortunately, for us, the person we hired to create our driveway and build a house pad for us, got sick with COVID-19, delaying the project by a whole week.

While this is undoubtedly frustrating, it’s important to keep our perspective and remember that health should be our top priority. It’s a good idea to express our best wishes for a speedy recovery to the contractor and hope that he or she gets better soon.

On a positive note, the company did eventually get in touch with some great news: the contractor is getting better and will be back to work next week. It’s a reminder that things can change for the better in a short amount of time, and that patience and understanding goes a long way.

So next time you take on a project, remember that there may be bumps in the road ahead, and it’s always a good idea to expect the unexpected. We send our best wishes to the contractor and hope that everyone involved stays happy and healthy!

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