Riabwo & Lynbwo

Ach ennetin Kapasen Kinisou Chapur Oh Mwareiti Kot ren An Nifang. A Ngeni ach kewe famini ina mine sia tongeni apwapwai ika afori ei ran fan iten nouch kewe ouchea. Kich ekewe sia tori ach ei ran kich

meinisin WITNESS ren an KOT angang me fofor. Kich chon apwapwai me fori an epwene poputa

ach ei minafon famini – FAMINIEN RIARSON


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"Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After"

Happy to be there...

It’s nice that I have this medium to introduce to you to our brand spanking new family of Riarson but boy, do I wish everyone of the members of our families are there to see it up close. There’s nothing like it!

Giving Her Away...

Giving her away is the hardest part of a Dad’s job but he knows it’s only shows maturity and LOVE. It’s gaining of a SON and a family… Riabwo, KINISOU CHAPUR REN OM TONG NGENI NOUCH UWE and WELCOME to the Fam!

Celebrations of Love

“Marriage – the Roots are deep, the Covenant is solid, Love is Sweet, Life is Hard, and God is Good.”

Kinisou Chok

Ngeni ach famini meinisin

My Take...


Well, where do I begin? Hafa Adai ika Nesor Annim, from the beautiful city of Boise in the Potato State of Idaho… 

Coffee in hand, sitting in Room 315 at one of my favorite brand of hotels, here I am still in awe of how impressive the celebration and reception were back in Utah.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at my videos of the occasion by CLICKING HERE. Please remember, VIDEOS do say a gazillion words, but still not like being up close and take it all in. 

Oh, and lots more videos coming! 

Congratulations to my dear Lynbwo and her now husband, Riabwo. You two look fabulous together. A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! EWER, ESE WOR TAPIN! 

To the Newlyweds,Life is an Adventure. The road ahead is not always smooth or straight. It’s pretty mountainous and hilly. 

Take it from your aunt and I. We’ve traveled this rough road since the day each of us said, I DO. It’s been 28 years, and still going. 

Our travel from Federal Way, Washington to Layton, Utah is a prime metaphor. The drive was enjoyable, the scenery was just faboulus, and the SUV was so comforting but it was exhausting. And when it’s tough, there’s always a Rest Area or a Hotel to stop and cool off. 

And please remember the P – Squared! Good luck.

Thank yous!

Everyone of us, on both sides, know that what we’d given will, in one way or the other, comes back two-folds. Yes we do! 

So, excuse my ignorance and namnam tekia, on behalf of our Meipas family, THANK YOU! KINISOU CHAPUR!

Riabwo, you and your family did way more than we’d expected. We do not have much to give back to you. Only our heavenly father, on our behalf, we pray and know that he can and will return your favor. We appreciated everything you did! 

Everyone that travels from afar and those that came from all over Utah, on behalf of our daughter, Lynbwo, I say thank you so so very much.

THE SQUAD! Aren’t they so beautiful!? YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! The moves, the breaky breaky kineto sipwe pworuk is way ANASNAS… KINISOU CHAPUR!

Oh boy, I cannot get this one out of my head… Wato Ena Ew Chana! Ewer! Wato Ena Nimu, CHANA! Wato Ena Engon, CHANA! So smooth and so melow, and so rich. Kinisou Chapur, Kinisou Chok. 

Lybwo, our dear daughter, thank you so much for bringing your family together in Utah! We enjoyed it so much and we all LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


Dearest and the Girls

Dee, thank you and the girls! I saw what y’all did in the short amount of time and still managed to pull it off. I saw how much work y’all did and felt compelled to take the time to recognize you all for it.

You, Sommie, Sina, Maureen, Nainai, Sunrose, Chopun, Des, Demim, Bebe, Maipo, Maggie, Red. Iwe pwan Jen, Riabwo’s Sister and all other girls from his side. 


Please forgive me if I forget your name…

Oh, sorry boys, I forgot you. My bro-In Laws, Hitler, Kaius, Foster and Neios… Thak you.


Riabwo & Lynbwo