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Hello everyone. It looks like it’s going to be another gorgeous day here in the Pacific Northwest, the best place in America. I believe that! 

Just done watering the plants I planted the day before Sunday, finished my normal 4 cups of filtered coffee and now am sitting here in my rec-room tapping away trying to have something up for ifagalz and its followers. I hope this article finds you and yours with lots of happiness, in great health and high spirit. 

I gotta tell you, the view from my window is much much more enjoyable now. I can see progress finally coming into view. I know. I know. It’s not the lagoon I am looking at, not even the mountains nor the beaches but it’s really is much better than when it was just the wall I was looking at. And I am not kidding around when I said the PNW is the best place in America!

We have mountains, we have natural lakes, streams, ponds, hills and lots of trees. We have islands, deltas, peninsula and yes we have the sound. It’s truly is a blessing living here amongst them evergreens and have always love the outdoors. The scenery changes with time and time changes the scenery. 

You know what? If the scenery is not what you desire, there’s a way of dealing with that. You can uproot everything and move, or you can get to work and change it for the better. Not so much for the better as I have heard it many times; “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” but make it to your satisfaction. What’s more bettern than sitting back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Ika met? Gare meta? 

The bamboo!

Bamboo lives and thrives everywhere including my dear island of Ifelug. And I am sure it’s one of the most adaptable plant out there. It’s the very reason I was happy to find one at my house when I bought it. There was a bush of it. 

Moving the bush requires a lot of manpower, which I do not have. But one thing going for me was experience. 

Remembered back on the island working on pulling a humongous tree post for our canoe house. It was very heavy but we had a chain block and we used it to pull it up high and stuck it into its place. That experience helped me thought of a way of pulling the bush out of the ground.

Using a wheelbarrow and an adjustable ladder, I pulled the bamboo bush and relocate it to the backyard where it now sits and be part of the view. 

It has to be! Let me leave you with a couple of my favorite bamboo quotes, one Chinese and one Japanese. They speak volumes and have very deep meanings.

“The Bamboo that bends is stronger than the Oak that resists.” Japanese proverbs. “Be like the Bamboo; the higher you grow, the deeper you bow.” Chinese proverbs. 

Had a co-worker back in 2006 from El Salvador whom taught me the importance of that Japanese proverbs. He said it this way, “these people can bend us but they can’t break us.”

So ladies and gentlemen, let’s get out there and change the view and make it the way we wanted it to be. 

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