400“God never tires of forgiving us, and through the ministry of a priest he offers us an embrace that regenerates us and allows us to continue in our journey.” Pope Francis. What do I know?

Church was fabuloustic! I noticed right away that there were parkings everywhere-maybe the faithful were a little misled by the Day Light Savings. Today, we are an hour earlier than yesterday! Isn’t it amazing. Change is good, but sometimes it takes some used to.

As a member of the parish here in town, and after who knows how long I’ve been away from church, I had to re-learn a few things. First, I have to know that there is always that envelope you fill with money on Sundays to put in the gift baskets. But guess what, I am not sure what I did with my envelopes. Probably gone into the landfill already. Now I have nothing to use. Not good at all since I won’t be able to claim it on my tax next year. Gosh. I guess I will just have to give cash.

And to give cash, I must ensure that I have enough dollar bills. Not really. I have to make a full speed short stop at a store to get some change. Last minute every time. Never learned.

Got to church on time though, smiling all the way to my seat. Nothing much change just some new faces in front of me. But a very bad thing happened. I pushed the knee resting thing on someone’s feet. Oh my gosh. I felt terrible, but the poor dude kept on telling me he’s ok. What a way to go back to church? Not much other stuff, I was able to receive the bread and drink a little wine. And that’s basically yet.

There was donuts and stuff at the hall but I was in a hurry to go home and get some rest. The day was short, church was fabuloustic and I got some rest. Spoke with God and I am awaiting his reply. I am sure he forgives me.

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