"Mefiom, Esapw Mefiei."

Mathew 26:39

By Cal Tiweyang

While writing this article, my mind is with our relatives on Guam and on Chuuk, wishing we can all be with them in a time like this. We all lost a Mom, a Grandma, an Aunt, a Sister, a Niece and a friend. You are everything to us!

We’ve done all we could here in the state and have sent off our beloved and everyone that can make it to either Guam or Chuuk, accompanying her to her final resting place on our island of Uman. We continue to pray for the family and for her soul as they continue on their way back home. 

This is very tragic on so many levels but as our brother Reverend Wilson said, God, has a way of making us suffer to feed us with happiness afterward. There’s so much to reflect on when in this situation but one thing I noticed is that it has brought out the best in us.

“Iwe a pwan feinno ekis towaw senir, iwe a chapeno nepwun, iwe a iotek, “Semei, ika pwe mi tufich, kopwe angei seni ei ei kapen riaffou! Nge esap ai mochen, nge minne ka mochen.”” Mathew 26:39

This tragic event in our family has reminded us of who truly we are. We are the sons and daughters of God. We come together to mourn and grief and to honor the memories of our beloved. Many of our family members traveled long distances so we can be together as a family.

Our beloved has brought us together in her name so that we can again understand her love for our family. She has again shown us what she has tried telling us many times before that we must remain close as families and we must bring our kids together so they too know how important family is. 

Believe it or not, the last time I saw my nieces and nephews was 14 years ago. We are within driving distances and at times within minutes of each other, but there was always an excuse for a next time. Next time always win and the next thing I know, it’s been 14 years! Most of them didn’t even know we’ve moved. Worst of all, they don’t even know who the heck we are. 

Through pains of grief and sorrow, I found it comforting that God has yet again, reminded us that he never abandoned us. That he will always be with us so that we can see through our grief. So that we may see all the good things that have come to us even with the pain of losing someone so dear to us.

Kot, Enjok Ka Tongeni…


God, thank you so much for being there all along guiding us and helping ease the pain and comforting us. We, as sinners, will always be hoping for your mercy.

Many kinisou chapurs going to the SeaKuop Association for being there every step of the way. Only God can give you back what you have given up. 

Kinisou Chapur pusin ngeni achuwe faminien Pillias non Merika ren Tipeew, Ekichu, me Angechu. Fakkun Kinisou Chapur. 

Our gratitude to Father Clarence and his crew and St. Vincent De Paul, Federal Way, for an awesome service and an awesome venue. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Many Kinisou Chapurs (Thank Yous) to Dennis and his team at Cady Cremations for everything they’ve done to ensure that everything goes to plan. The logistics involved were tremendous and everything went without a hitch. Bless your hearts!

The many friends, acquaintances, and religious groups that have come to share in our grief and sorrow. Please do know that we appreciated you. Thank you! 

To each and every one of us for whatever we do to ensure that everything went well. I couldn’t be more prouder of what we did together to ensure that everything went according to expectations. Everyone did a fantastic job! 

Last but not the least, thank you to our familias from all corners of the globe for traveling many miles to be with us. Thank you! 

And above all, thank you to our beloved, for bringing us all together, for once again reminding us of how important FAMILY is. Kinisou chapur inem ren mettoch meinisin.