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Good morning again beautiful people. 2 cups and counting, coffee in hand contemplating what this day holds, am fully awake and ready to enjoy another awesome day on the Oregon coast.

The morning is so calm and quiet except for the snores and the two generators humming and singing because no else dare to.

But before tapping on further, let me take a moment here to give praise and thanks to our almighty, the Pacific Island spirits for keeping us safe and continually allowing us to enjoy what the Pacific has to offer. It’s white beautiful sand beaches, cool breezes and the calming sound of waves pounding the shorelines, not to mention the view of the sunrise and sunset. It’s a scenery of heaven on earth. And with all that comes the everyday challenges.

With social media, there’s no escaping all the news from around the globe. Sadly, the first news popped into my view was out of our beautiful island of Guam, titled “CoronaVirus cluster tied to Chuukese via Hawaii and San Augustine Funeral Home.” Haters of our community use these kinds of headlines to disparage our beloved community, and we continued to allow them to.  

We are a loving community, gathered and come together, especially when someone passes, to comfort each other and show support. The communal responsibility is rooted deep into who we are as a people and it plays right into the hands of this virus and the haters waiting for a chance to continue their verbal assault on our people. We are being attacked on both sides, and I believe we have no one to blame but ourselves. 

There are many circumstances where it’s almost impossible to avoid contact with each other because of housing situations or work requirements. In those cases, there’s little to nothing we can do. We need the government to step in to help, and employers to create safe working environments. If not permanent solutions, offer something that can at least help minimize the spread of the virus until this pandemic is over.

Leadership is desperately needed, both in our local communities and local governments. 

Leaders that rely on scientific data and findings instead of gut feelings or religious beliefs.

I’ve already addressed the issue some people have been saying for a while. The belief that it’s up to God whether we get the virus or not, or whether we spread it to others or not.

I am in the belief that God gave us the brain to think and to analyze situations, so we can protect ourselves and our neighbors. He gave us brains to keep ourselves and our species alive by finding smart ways to avoid danger.

Leaders that can speak clearly and convincingly to their people so everyone can attack this virus with uniformity of knowledge and the power of adhering to guidelines and best practices to stop this virus from spreading. Leaders to lead and followers to follow.

From L-R Cal, Layla & Monessa - Vancouver Free Mask Distribution
From L-R Calsr, Layla & Monessa - Free Mask Distribution

Having said all that, it is really up to us individually to take this pandemic seriously. We must adapt to survive. We cannot blindly operate in a vacuum where we hang on to cultural norms knowing it’s killing our people and sickening others. These are not normal times, and we must come to realize and understand that. We cannot gather as if everything is hunky dory. We ought to follow all the guidelines given by the CDC and the local health departments.

Again, I have left the campsite, back into reality because I cannot leave the Internet Superhighway. It’s hard, but if it helps a person or two, I would love to stay the course. 

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Not sure if I had said it before, but having an RV helps but it has its limits. Luckily, there’s lots of places in this specific RV campsite where one can take a restroom break or hit the shower. You just have to know your way around.

It’s easy to get lost here, in fact, the pizza delivery dude got lost trying to locate our RV. Luckily, he had his sign up and I saw it from a distance directing him all the way through.

And you must have a key to the shower building and a bag of quarters to pay for shower. This I cannot understand! It costs $2.00 worth of quarters for 5 minutes of shower! It’s totally insane.

And to make matters worse, the coin insertion mechanism looked just like the ones on washing machines and dryers. Yes, you got that right. It almost feels like you’re throwing yourself into a washing machine after paying $2 in quarters.

I totally gave up on this shower thing. But if you can think of something positive in this case, it’s that I don’t have to take shower in this place where there are 5 or so others, some might have the corona-virus without even knowing. So, I went a night without one. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Very early yesterday, I took my grandson for a walk on the trail and came upon this wonderful lady, adorned with the Marina and RV park insignia. Approached her, now mask on, I told her about my experience seeing all that shower with the washing machine mechanisms. She laughed so hard, I laughed along with her too. Then she said, let me tell you a secret. There’s another shower building that you can go to and you don’t need quarters nor a key card. All you need is a passcode. And she said it to me so quietly. Afterall, it’s a secret! 

Walking the trails

with grandson in tow

It’s the best news I had heard and it changed the mood and my face from a sad one to a happy and cautious one.

To keep this one shorter, this secretive shower building was awesome. Only one family can be in there at a time and the water pressure was just what I wanted it to be. Just be careful, the water can burn you if you turn it too much to the heat side. Knowing I can now enjoy a shower, it’s time to get dirty in the sand. Hehehe. 

Trip to the beach was fantastic. Saw several cowboys horse riding out there and the wind was just about right. The grand kids loved it and so did the wife and son. We enjoyed it so much that I lost my slipper and didn’t realize it until it’s time to get back to the truck. All in all, it was a beautiful and enjoyable day. 

Thank you again for sailing along as we paddle and sail the coast of the beautiful state of Oregon. 
Coffee time. 

Enjoying the Oregon State Coastal Scenery

Grand kids all smile and me loving it all