Help Keep Guam Green!

Guam is beautiful - Let's keep her that way!

Govguam needs to lead the communities on Guam in keeping her clean, even in the villages. Yes, especially in the villages like Dededo, Yigo, and Mangilao. Let's report littering to the appropriate authorities to keep Guam CLEAN. Micronesian Communities should do their parts helping Guam Green and Clean. Plant as many trees as you can and keep her beautiful and Green. GUAM is beautiful. Let's keep it that way for you and future generations.

Get to know Guam!

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

Off the Couch!

Go out into the community to explore what's out there. Guam is beautiful and you only have one life so enjoy it. If it's for you then it's for those of us that can only look from very far away places.

Enjoy Ypao Beach

Ypao is a very popular beach for locals. Get out there and see it for yourself. Feel it the way locals do.

Some other photos taken on guam

"What I love about Guam is its people. They are outgoing, personable and easy to approach. I wish GovGuam can help ensure the rundown hotels are replaced quick to keep visitors happy by inspecting and enforcing building and occupancy codes."
Cal Tiweyang
Washington State
“Guam is a beautiful place with crystal clear water. It took me a night to learn to swim thanks to my cousins. It was a pleasure meeting them. If I have another chance, I would go out into the villages to meet more local people and learn about their lifeways."
Corvallis, Oregon

Guam has all the amenities required for families to enjoy. I happened to check out several hotels and did two AirBnB’s just to see how things are. The experience was fantastic.  

It’s probably timing, it felt that the hotels were empty and Tumon was not as lively as it was once in the 90s. I drove down Tumon bay at different times of the day to see how things were and didn’t really get the feeling that there were many tourists as it used to be. Again, that’s probably just timing.   

If you plan to go, I highly recommend going during Winter. Summer was a little too hot for someone from the likes of Seattle. It’s the only regret I had. Although I lived on Guam for many years, 16 years away was just too long to get used to the heat again. It was too much on the hotter side. I would pick a Winter Vacation definitely.  

As far as the villages were concerned, I thought Barrigada, Agana Heights, Maite were pretty much stand out as very clean and beautiful. Dededo needs a lot of Love!, especially the neighborhoods surrounding areas around the Dededo Mayor’s office and that one catholic church. I believe it was Santa Barbara but I could be wrong.

One disappointing experience was the very first hotel I checked into. It was the most disgusting thing I have had experienced. The minute you walked into this hotel is the minute you feel like throwing up. The smell was unbearable and as you can tell from the images, it was flooded everywhere in the cabinets. This specific hotel has a beautiful location in the heart of Tumon Bay yet it was disgusting to see and I pray that tourists don’t see such a mess. 

I pray that GovGuam can inspect all hotels to ensure that they stand in compliance with the Beautification of Guam if there is such a thing. This was the only thing I was not happy about at all, otherwise, I did what everyone ought to do and that’s walking away from this hotel. 

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