Our nieces out in Tumon, Guam visiting the Underwater World and stuff...

Rosie with Cousin @ Alupang Beach Tower
Yours Truly with Rosie in Tumon. Hotel Nikko in the Background
Rosie with Aunties at the Former Palace Hotel
Rosie and Grandma
Rosie and Grandpa

Ran Annim,

Rosie enjoying Guam with Aunties strolling the Tumon Hotel area...

More of our visit to Guam

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Agana and Tumon Bay


On the left is Rosie, Top and Right are her uncles on Guam. Rosie and Jun’s first trip to Guam and I am sure they enjoyed it very much. It’s pretty hot considering coming from the United State’s Pacific Northwest. 

Favorite Restaurants

....with my son, nephews and nieces at Kings and Denny's Guam
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Home away from home...

Sheraton Hotel Guam, used to be Palace Hotel when I was here in the 90’s. Spent a good amount of time here.

Underwater World