Alki Beach
Lynn with her cousins, Sharon, Kaykay, and Sisi at the ALKI beach enjoying the WARM 😉 breezes and the view of Downtown. Sharon recently relocated to Seattle. Welcome Sharon.

You know what, Guam is awesome and yeah, it is where Guamanians think America’s day begins and it’s always a half a day, but it has its downside. Number one, the island is a little too small for everyone to fight over it, whether you are a Chamorro, a Filipino/Filipina, Japanese, Korean, Black, White, Orange or other Micros. Number two, Guam is directly in the path of the North Korean Missiles, not to mention the Chinese and Russians, as well as the likes of typhoon Paka, Owen, Akasasa and them Nature boys. lol. Third, there’s not enough Food Stamps to go around. Fifth, it’s hard to catch fish in Tumon! Sixth, there is no Target, and Walmart is nowhere to be found. Seventh, Guam is not a Freely Associated States, it’s a US Territory! Last but not the least, Guam has no NFL pro-Team and you have to Watch Super bowl on a Monday – so yeah, the weather is nice, the island is beautiful but I am sure on your way to Chuuk, PNI, KSA, YAP, or Belau, you can surely stop over for a short Tumon visit.;). So make up your mind.

The travel wouldn’t be that harsh. You only travel within the same area – the pacific ocean, from one part to the other. Or from a dot to a continent. O yeah, and don’t forget a stop over on Hawalulu, Havaii. From there, you can either bypass all of the pacific coast and go to the East Coast USA for some Lobster tail or you can skip and go into the middle of the US of A for some Country BBQ. And the best of all, you do not have to climb over the fence, or shipped in via a 20 or 40 foot container. You don’t even have to have $200,000 or have won a Gold Metal! That is if you are from a Freely Associated States – and yes, there is such a thing as FAS. But which way, which route, or which direction would you go?

In the state of Washington, we have Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Baker to name a few, for you Beach Surfers. We have lakes and rivers for you fishermen-sorry spear fishing is not allowed in the rivers nor in the Puget Sound. Wakakakakz. And yes, our Tuna is not contaminated with the FUKUSHIMA RADIATION. Sorry we do not have Lapulapu, Tataga’ or Laggua in the rivers nor in the coastal waters. They do not like our waters! They think we have too much rain. Hahaha. Plus they do not want to freeze themselves to death.:).

In the sports world, we have the Storms, the Mariners, the Sounders, and of course the 2013 Super Bowl Champ – the SEA-HAWKS. Oh, and we have the Sherminator – the Stanford Grad, 4.01 GPA holder, and the best Corner in the NFL! Of course I cannot leave out the fact that we have the only needle that pierce the skyline. So if you are into sports and the needle, come to the state.

If you are an FSMer Democrat, the state of Washington is the place to be. We love our immigrants that we have our state funded Food Stamp TYPE program just for LEGAL immigrants that qualify. We call it FAP, or State Food Assistant Program. If you don’t believe me, you can go HERE to see it for yourself. And of course, all of the other Federal Programs are there for you too.

Don’t get me wrong, if I have the means, I would still be living on Guam. I LOVE GUAM! And I will still participating in all the political activities. I urge you my fellow FSMers to partake in it. They will only help us! Our number has grown to where we can basically lead the way for the island of Guam. Remember, if you are born on Guam, Hawaii or the Mainland USA, you can vote as a citizen!

Alki Beach
Sharon, Kaykay, Lynn and Sisi… Downtown Seattle in the background.

Today, I was surprised by 1 of my many nieces on Guam that just recently relocated out here. She came by the house this afternoon with 2 of my other nieces that were already living here. Between the 3 of them and my daughter, only one was born in Micronesia. To calculate that, 75% of them are US citizens that can vote. I wouldn’t be surprise if 75% of FSMers on Guam are now eligible to vote. Imagine if we can put that 75% to use. Our FSM Leaders on Guam should do their best to bring this tool to the forefront and vote for candidates that have the FSM population’s interests at heart. This will minimize the negativity that our people face and should help create a more FSM friendly environment.

Until next time, you take care.

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