Waabese that voted for the Sea Hawks - the Champs!
Waabese that voted for the Sea Hawks – the Champs!
Hello again Ifagalz followers. We had crunch them numbers and we got ourselves some interesting results. Let me warn you again, these are UNOFFICIAL numbers. We will update these charts to reflect the official numbers when and if that comes out.

As a result of the latest numbers we got, we found that GANNGIYAN/YANGETMAI have garnered 46.9% of the vote cast, followed by FALAN/SAUCHOMAL at 37.3% and finally, Chien/Itimai at 13.3%. We also found that 2.3% of the vote cast was spoiled. That leaves us with .2% of votes cast for Write In candidates.

From what I heard and found online, the threshold to avoid a runoff election in our state is 45%. If that is correct, then we can assume that GANNGIYAN/YANGETMAI ticket has won the election, going over the threshold but with less than 50% of the vote cast. Is this a good result? Are we that divided in Yap? What you say? You mad bro? lol.

Whatever the questions you may have, this election is almost in the books. It’s almost time to tie the thu a lot harder and get down to business. Everyone has to accept the result and rally to help the elected fight hard for Yap’s future.

I won’t bore you to death on more charts than required so I will only give you the Absentee votes as well as the total votes count from the gubernatorial race. I will come back and update you on the results from each of the Outer Islands. Please go back and check out our other charts for more information on the Yap Proper results. Please visit the Yap State government website for the numbers. Let us know if you see any discrepancies in our calculations and we will do our best to correct them for you.

Gubernatorial Results (Click in each pie to see the number of votes cast for each ticket):
[visualizer id=”1578″]

Absentee Votes Cast (Click on each bar to see the results for each polling places):
[visualizer id=”1580″]

Do you see something telling about these results? Don’t forget to leave us a comment or two either on fb or right here on Ifagalz.

Please check back often as we will bring you detail results from each of the Yap State District.

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