Angelica Tommy Aiken
Happy Birthaday and God bless!

Happy Birthday!

May the Lord bless you and guide you on your special day. May he grant you a peaceful and satisfying life ahead. A very happy birthday to you.

the family

Celebrating Angelica's 1st Birthday

It was a night full of fun with family and friends, thanks to little Angelica for bringing us all together on a beautiful evening. And thanks to his almighty for granting us health and life so that we may come together as a family to celebrate a beautiful moment in Angelica’s life. Lots of Kinisous should also be directed to the Mom (Aloha) and Dad (Y-son) for time and efforts and especially for bringing Angelica into this world and thus this beautiful evening so we can all come together as a family.

Was humbled to be able to address the families, thanks to pwipwi oujea Tommy. My address was just to remind everyone of why we are here in the state, our mission as parents and guardians to paving and weaving path that our kids must take. I told them of how proud I was the very first time I stepped into a building filled with anxious parents and kids. As it turned out, two kids in that crowd hailed from the island of Uman, both from Micronesia. I told them we should stay focused on helping our kids to grow up and become great representative of our people. 

And of course the night wouldn’t be complete unless there’s abundance of  island delicacy. On the main course this evening were the usual island flavors, Roasted Pig and Ham, Red Rice, Sashimi Tuna, Chicken Kelaguen, Baked Tapioca, and so and so forth. Almost forgot, Sakauan Pohnpei, or in this case Fijian Powdered Kava. 

And right on top of the list of course is live music. Provided by no other than the birthday girl’s dad, pwipwi oujea Y-son along with a very well known awesome artist, oujea Jacob. 

To my delight, Jacob sang an Ulithian which brought me all sorts of memories and almost a perfect picture of standing in an OI party somewhere on the beach of Mauwel or me standing on Ifalik Beach looking out on the horizon if I can see the very smile I was hoping to see. lol. Sorry I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t even bothered recording it. 

All in all, it was nice to be with families and happy to celebrate with Angelica and fams. 

Again, thanks to Angelica and her parents, we came together as a family of Chuukese, to spend the evening sharing some island food and of course dance the night away in celebration of our young 1 year old Angelica.

Happy Birthday Angelica! May God bless you.