Ifalik Atoll, Yap, Micronesia. Credit: Google Maps.

Greetings from this corner of our world to your corner. Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy Earth Day. Today, Ifagalz turns green to celebrate this very important day. It will remain green for the rest of the month… Hope you don’t mind.

Please check out my other blogs on the environment. I started writing about Global Warming and Micronesia to hopefully get some attention going. I am humbled with with amount of interest received so far. There are hundreds of you that read my blogs regarding the environment and I am so glad to see that.

I am still waiting for the Federated States of Micronesia Office of Public Information (FSM PIO) to send me the Regulation that the FSM put in place in regards to what they called it the Montreal Protocol. If you are at Palikir and happen to see this, please inform them that I am still waiting for them. Ifagalz can help them publicize this Regulation for the FSM public. No worries, we won’t take over their job as the one to diseminate information from our government. We will help! lol Free Service ya’ll.

There is good news! My Ifaluk is on the rise and you have to hear it here on Ifagalz first. Hehe. No kidding. I grew up when there was a channel between our villages of Falalop and Falachig. In fact, I used to take off my thu, hold it up high so it won’t get wet and swam across the channel and then put it back on on the other side of channel and walked to school. Hahaha. Those days mahn. I surfed waves in that channel too. It was so cool.

As you can see it in the picture here, you cannot recognize where the channel was at. Falachig and Falalop has become one island. One Love baby! Hahaha. I think Ifalik has actually rising from the current pushing all the debris from the submerged reef upward unto the reefs and into the lagoon.

I remembered talking with a former PCV who aknowledged my suspicion. This was way back in 2003. He found me through this website and called me up from Florida. He told me that he was on Ifalik in 1968, few years before I was born, and when he saw current Ifalik pictures he was puzzled to see that Ifalik has actually grown in size. He told me if he was young and full of energy, he would make one more trip to really see it for himself because what he was seeing was not matched up with what the scientists predict. He told me how much he respected our cultures and our beliefs. He’s very knowledgeable about home. I wished I didn’t loose contact with him so I can interview him all over again for my blogs.

As we celebrate the Earth day in our own ways, please remember how much we’ve gotten from her (our Earth). We are lucky Earthlings…:). Even if Ifalik is rising, we must understand that the melting of the ice and the rise of ocean may be is faster and can have a huge impact on our tiny islands. Everything we do whether you toss a plastic into the ocean or burn down some trees have some affect on our planet. Please be wise and help clean up after yourself. Recycle. Reuse. Conserve.

Enjoy your day and may God bless you.

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