Happy Egg hunting!


Happy Easter families and friends, near and far.

After parking my car, I found myself hurrying to get inside our church. Alongside was my wife and other families rushing.

I observed this one family approaching a set of doors but then suddenly changed course and walked the other way.

As I was approaching those set of doors, I was thinking if they were locked, but right before I changed course a guy opened those doors and went through them. 


Those doors lead to a staircase going down and out to the main church. This is the very first time I found out about this shortcut to the church. 

As I was sitting and singing along, I kept asking myself what is Easter. Is it all about hide and seek? Eggs and chocolates? Partying?

Then comes the homily, the priest was reminding us to ask ourselves what is Easter. I was now really interested in finding out what Easter really means, if not for others, at least for me. The priest went on asking how would we answer a non-believer. How would we explain the resurrection of Jesus? 

I was like ok, Easter is a day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. True, so how would I reflect on it.  

Here’s what I thought this day mean to me. It’s a day of Reflections where I would recommit myself to do good. It’s a day of Renewal in that I will recommit myself to do better than I am today.  


“Easter is all about hunting for the colorful eggs.”

I wish my grandparents can just leave me alone so I can play all I want to. Their job is to hide them eggs and my job is to look for them. How come I know my job and they can't seem to figure out what they suppose to do?

“The Revival gives my life meaning and direction and the chance to start over no matter what my situation.”

“New Beginnings and New Ever Lasting Happiness. Let them be yours in Life!”

“Eggs are signs of New Life. Bunny is a sign of Hopping around with a glee. So Hop around because you are given a New Life to enjoy. Happy Easter!”

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From ours to yours, Happy Easter!

May God bless all of our families.

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