Welcome 2018

2017 is behind us and all the parties to welcome in a NEW 2018 are calming down, the SeaHawks and them Cowboys are no longer in the playoff picture, now comes the fascinating part.

How do we make 2018 much better than 2017? 

For me, it begins with numbers and ends with them too. I have to make the numbers better that they were in 2018. This will be the year that defines the path I must take into 2019 and on.  

And yes, I need your help. Please share the links with your friends on Social Media. 

New Year!

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If you have friends visiting Seattle, Washington, encourage them to rent from me. There are many advantages to do that especially, it’s cheaper and hassle free. You pick up the car and key from the curbside of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEATAC) and return it the same way. You can arrange to meet us either at the Arrivals or Departure. 

Avoid the lines to get on a bus and again to the counter and meet us at the curbside! Or with a small fee, we can deliver the car to your location within a 15 mile radius from the SeaTac. Of course everything is negotiable so rent from us and we’ll ensure a smooth ride for you and your guests.

Have any FSMers traveling to Seattle? Let me know so I can give you KASELEHLIA, RANANNIM, KULO or MOGETHIN discount. 

Thank you in advance for any help in getting the words out to your family and friends. 

We wish you and yours a healthy, joyous and successful 2018! 

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A day full of Activities and lots of FUN

It was a day of fun. Kids and adults came together for some good time and tons of activities. Nephew SK’s band, the MESSENGERS, provided live music entertainment. It was a huge success. 


At the dock in Seattle, Washington. 

About 400 Tuna Fish Left

Was sleeping and Chaz texted and woke me up! Chaz, see what you did? On a peaceful sunday? Hahaha. Not really. I was just surfing all morning long. Chaz was inquiring about the location of St. Jude and he found it. I am sure he got himself tuna and enjoyed a bowl of sashimi under that beautiful afternoon sun. 

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