Go Beavs...
Go Beavs… Cal sr., Rose, Jayjay, Siisi, Lynn, Cal and Jun.

Good morning from my old but beautiful bungalow in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but dawgs. Yep, you’re right, I am in the middle of enemy territory. Don’t see anyone else in my neck of the woods displaying the Black and Orange Fighting JERSEYS. I am the only one around here ready for the Civil War in Oregon to decide who’s the state of Oregon belongs to. Heck yeah, my Beavs are the Giant Killers and we had already set the trap! #GOBEAVERS.

It’s true I am in enemy territory but these Washingtonians don’t have no Civil War Blood in themselves. They only fight for the apple. Who cares? lol. Guess what, turn the page and I am with an awesome family, the 12th man baby! Yes, WE ARE THE CHAMPS! You mad bro? It’s true we lost to the Cowgirls (sorry sis Lori and brother Johnny) this year, but that’s behind us and we gotta win today. God is amazing!

God, we appreciated you. The beauty of our world, the coolness of the breezes, the sounds of moving waters, the awesome smell of foods, and the comfortableness of the nights – couldn’t ask for much more. Your thoughtfulness have given each and everyone of us a life to live and the possibilities to dream. You have given us everything a man can hope for. You have paved the way. It’s our turn to walk it for you, for ourselves, for our family, for our country, and for our Earth!

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, I was/is/and will always be thankful to have a family of my own, with the best partner I could have hoped for, and the awesome kids I had always asked God for. Last but not the least, the best Grand-daughter of my dreams. Life couldn’t be more fuller! I am a blessed freaking old dude. To complete this picture, nothing is more meaningful to me than to have surrounded by the best people in this universe. Our loving families around the globe-Ifalik Island, Uman Fonuweisom, Elato, Guam, Pohnpei, Palau, Yap, Chuuk, Japan, Hawaii, and these United States of America. We love you all and Happy Thanksgiving.

Living in these United States of America is obviously challenging for a lot of reasons and on so many different levels, but to be surrounded by loving people is a blessing. The best friends that we’ve had these years have enriched our lives and we thank you so much for it. The very first person that my kids befriended and remain close to is Sarah Franklin. Sarah, thank you for being an awesome friend. Sam and Sheila along with the kids, we love you guys to death. You guys are cool and amazing, thank you for coming back to Beaver Nation. Roberta and the beautiful kids-amazing fam, we missed you guys so much. We must plan a trip back to Beaver Nation soon to see everyone.

Girls that made me sleepless at night... hehe. I love the one I hold more...:)
Girls that made me sleepless at night… hehe. I love the one I hold more…:)

As a blogger and a Micronesian, I must say thank you to the Founding Fathers of our Federated States of Micronesia. I couldn’t have done this without you. I am a complete idiot when it comes to the history of our nation, so please bear with me here. I am thankful to his late excellency and the first president of our nation, Mr. Tosiwo Nakayama, the second president of our nation Mr. John R. Haglelgam, Our late and honorable Yap State Governor John Mangefel, our late vice president and former Yap State Governor Petrus Tun, former president and our Yap State current Congressman Joe Urusemal and his colleague Congressman Isaac Figir, and the many men and women that participated in the formation of our young country. It’s your sleepless nights that have brought all of us that are here in the states the opportunity to partake in the American Dream. We owe you ladies and gentleman, a humongous KALLANGAN, a vast Kulo Mulalap, a worldly Kinisou Chapur, and a very big Kamagar. I will just mixed in a little bit of Gaisa rol gachigchig.

Last, but not the least, our Mother Earth. Isn’t she amazing? We’ve done everything in our power as a human race to destroy her, but she’s still there. We polluted her with everything we know how and she’d taken it all in stride. Mother, on this day, we thank you for standing up to all of our stupidity. We love you!

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