calbeavsI am not sure about other Beaver fans out there, but I was ready to watch our team beat the hell out of the San Diego State. It’s the reason I stayed up prepping food and stuff so that I do not have to miss any part of the game. The tv, the computer, the oven and the fridge were all set in preparation for a relaxed football afternoon. The pork butt roast was fully cooked and ready by Game time. It only took 6 hours on 360 degrees of baking temp. :). Turned out juicy and flavored. Island Flavor, that is.

The first sign of trouble came when our best defense player was called for encroachment. I yelled ROOKIE, effin this and effin that, without realizing he was the best on our defense. The next play, they scored a touch down on us. I went nuts. I now realized, it was a mistake to slow cook that pork butt roast. It’s no good for the heart!! My Beavs are driving me insane. I said to myself, there goes two years of my life!!!!! Those freaking SDSU made it look so easy.

My boys and I can only managed to watch through the first part of the second half. When Cooks fumbled the ball the second time, we gave up! I yelled and yelled until I cannot yell no more. I went straight for bed. I heard it’s better to lay down when having a heart attack instead of jumping around. Wakakakakz.

I then took my frustration to fb and shout out loud, IT’S TIME TO FREAKIN FIRE THE COACHES. I thought to myself, if only I know how to play magic, I would have done a terrible thing to the SDSU for what they did. Or what my Beavs didn’t do. I was that pissed.

I was beginning to get my emotions under control when my boys shouted in excitement that the Beavs were winning. I thought my boys were joking around but they were too serious running around in our living room with cheers and excitement. I ran out and saw on tv what just happened. I was like, omfg. This is unbelievable. To cap things off, there was a sack and then an interception, the 2nd one in the game.

I love them Beavs. But I am not sure if they understand what they are doing to me. A win is a win. Sloppy or not, they got the W and that’s all that matters. I can deal with my health later but boy, 2nd time in a row, they brought me close to having a heart attack.

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