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Missing the Left Eye – Poor Dude.

Hello Friends. Have you seen a Grey Tahoe with damages to the front passenger side? I am sure it’s missing a headlight. The Washington license plate is 494XLW. The state Licensing Department and the Federal Way police department know the owner but they can’t share it with me. It’s obvious why plus it’s probably is illegal. I am no lawyer so don’t ask me why. :). All I know is they have reached out to him/her to provide me with his insurance information.

Insurance? Yes, it is required that all vehicles are insured and that drivers are licensed. Remember, even illegals can have license. Hahaha. I mean the aliens. Insurance is required, the minimum of a Liability Coverage.

I was home facebooking when I received a call from my daughter that someone just ran into my suburban and took off. I was like what the heck. Probably no license, no insurance, or driving drunk were things came to mind. Who knows? I was so freakin mad that I forgot to ask my poor daughter if they are ok. Instead I asked about the damage to the vehicle, what the heck’s wrong with my other half, the driver, and on and on. Hahaha. I was too emotional. I love my suburban. It took me, my family and at times the cheer leader squad of my kids school to places. Oh my gosh. My head was spinning. lol.

After I calmed myself down and got my family home safe, I drove to the location to see it for myself what might have caused the guy to drive into my poor suburban, my toy. Well, I cannot figure it out. There was a concrete divider in the middle of the damn road. He tried to make a turn, in the process ran over the divider, broke it, and into my toy and ended up on the other side of the road, the side that my toy was on heading the opposite direction. As soon as they hit the other side of the road, three girls took off running away from the area. The driver backed out and took off north on 99th Pacific Highway, leaving my poor toy sitting in the middle of the street and my other half on the phone calling the police. The smartest thing in the world to do.

A few days later, I called the local police station to check up on the report. I went in and picked it up and to my dissatisfaction, they do not have the name of the owner of the other vehicle nor the insurance carrier. I was like what in the world am I gonna do. Well, I called the Washington State Licensing office and they told me to go ahead and fill out a Motor Vehicle Collision Claim for Damages. I immediately filled it out and mailed it in. I waited a few days and called in but the response surprised me. I was told that all they had to do was sending a mail out to the owner of the vehicle so he can settle with me on the cost of the damages to my vehicle. That is the only thing they do. Wow. Why the heck do they name their form, Motor Vehicle Collision Claim for Damages? I thought the State Licensing Office will pay me for the damages. Hahahaha. Lots of things to learn from this incident. Quiet amazing.

So mad that I do not have the brain to do something about this, I turned to the Seattle’s top Search Machine, Mr. BING. Yes, it’s that guy. BING…Because It’s Not Google. Well, he spat out thousands of information that my tiny brain cannot comprehend. NO COMPRENDO..:). Then I realized that I had signed up for something that can be helpful in this situation. It was called Auto Security. I bought it for a couple hundred dollars. I called the number and it gave me some lawyer’s name in town telling me to talk to them and it will cost me $125 an hour if they represent me in court and blah blah blah. That turned me off! I do not have the money to do it. And I wouldn’t like a lawyer taking advantage of me in this poor situation. Hehehe. I dig around some more and then finally called my own insurance.

The adjuster was gracious and very helpful. He gave me all the information that I needed and what the expectations are from them and from me. He told me to expect to pay for the deductible but he will do his best to claim against the other guy’s insurance so they can send me my deductible. He offered that they (my insurance) will take care of the cost of the damages to my vehicle.

One thing I learned is the importance of carrying a full coverage insurance. I was lucky that I carried such a coverage that my own insurance will pay for the damages and that my insurance premium won’t go up because it’s not my other half’s fault but clearly the other driver’s. Imagine if I do not have full coverage. I would go to court and sue the owner of the other vehicle which takes time and probably money up front.

My New Toy – Because my Old Toy got black eyed.

The best thing out of this sad situation is that I got a new toy, a better toy and a much newer one. It looks just as awesome as the day I picked up my now one-eye dude. I still remember that day, the first ever for me to drive such a big fella. The feeling was not as awesome though. I guess I am already used to it but man I cannot forget that cold morning way back in 2002. It was 11 years ago. Wow…. I am getting so young and youthful. Hahahaha…..

If you are a lawyer, please comment below and tell us what we should look out for in this kind of situation. Was I right to seek the help of my own insurance? Would I get more money if I hired a lawyer? How much would such a damage cost?

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