Oh heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains. ~Khalil Gibran

Uncle and I celebrating my Graduation from Oregon State University

When a loved one perishes, the first thing I ask myself is why God chooses to take the very best from us. Then I would remember myself digging through applications and picked the only best candidates from the pile. It’s then when I would realize God has his own plans and he only picked the best just like I would when trying to hire someone.

I met uncle Bylove in 2001 when we moved up from Dallas. He was a young, energetic and hard working man, taking on two jobs and sponsoring like several boys and girls. He was a young man with a huge heart. He shares his house with those of us that have no where to live. He gave up his privacy, his comfort, and his peace for those that came to seek his shelter. And many of our young Fairos were glued to his presence. He is very special to all of us.

I have never met anyone so comforting to be around.

I remember him talking to me about life. He never holds anything back. He was so open and treated me like his brother, even confided in me the very things only brothers share. And in return I did the same. We would share stories of our past, the ups and downs of life and what each of us look forward to. He never sees the negative in you!

There are three Chuukese words that I would love hearing him talking to me about, Ekichu, Angechu and Tipechu. I translated those words into Collaboration, Cooperation and Communication. It’s Ekichu when everyone works together to reach one objective, in this case, Success. It’s Angechu because when everyone cooperates, everyone accomplishes more. And its Tipechu because when everyone agrees and communicates with one voice, it means peace. And where there is peace, there is calm and abundance of happiness.

If there’s anything I remember the most about Uncle Bylove, it’s his infectious smile. He is the happiest man there is. Every time I visit him, the very first thing you would see was his bright smile. He would welcome you and recognize you for anything he sees you doing, from the shirt you’re wearing, the car you’re driving, the shoes you’re wearing, and on and on. I really like it when he said this to me, Kanfan, ennet jon Kaius, Wiwi me Inmpo repwene pwan jealous ren ningojun wajuna ah… He’s so good at poking fun at you. No wonder all the Fairo boys were so close to him.

Sitting in my room typing this and weeping off tears, remembering him so well. I try to figure out if there is anything, anything so small that I can fault him for, but I couldn’t find anything. Oh, God, then why? I cannot really possibly find a thing that I can fault my dear uncle for. You probably cannot find it too, so you wanted him more than I, I guess. But there is one thing.

I fault my dear uncle for leaving me with a broken heart. I fault you for leaving a wonderful wife in Grace. A wonderful Dad, in Grandpa Imio. I fault you for leaving a wonderful family in Pillias. Yes, I fault you for leaving all of us your KIDs in your Pwipwi Fairos. I do. I do find one fault in you. Leaving!

But you know we are all proud of you, because God has chosen you to be with him and with all of our relatives that have gone before you. Thank you for making us proud.

There is one thing you left behind that each one of us will cherish for the rest of our lives. You left the best thing in the world for us. You left us your EXAMPLE. All that you have taught us. Your passion for Ekichu, Angechu and Tipechu.

Uncle, you are the best thing. We love you.

I have changed the color of my website to honor the memories and the great things we do together.

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