Remathaw Celebrating Dave's Retirement

Happy Labor Day to all of you. This day we celebrate the workers within our family, clans, villages, island, state, country, continent and the globe. For us Remathaws or the people from the sea, we all gathered on Sioux, Cherokee, and Iroquois land to CONGRATULATE the retirement of one of the pioneers from within our midst that came to this Indian Country many moons ago and decided to settle here. 

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Dave Hawelmai's Retirement Party


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So before I continue further, I must give thanks and praises to the Sioux, Cherokee and Iroquois Indians, and pay my respects to them for allowing some REMATHAWS, namely HOOS and TERAW peoples the fruits the bedding and the many other benefits that we each enjoys on this very land. We as REMATHAW and sons and daughters of HOOS and TERAW give salutes to you natives and bow in respects. May you protect us and give us your blessings to do as we see fit, with the understanding that this land, air and sea do provide us with abundance of resources that we must be better stewards of, and give back what we can by taking care of them all. We must all understand the cyclical reciprocity of the resources we do have on these lands, air and seas. Sa Garetal Gashigeshig, Thank you very much.

 Back to Gig Harbor, the city before the Naval Base in Bremerton, Washington, located on a peninsula and accessed by the Narrows bridge. It’s here where our fellow brother, uncle, advisor, role model, Mr. Hoos himself, decided to come and planted the secret Hoos seeds and where we REMATHAWS come to play and watch the special forces got into action descending and ascending the black berry covered cliffs. It’s the SPECIAL OPS Black Berry Rescue Mission. Hahahahahaha.

It’s in Gig Harbor where we find the humblest man one can find, and a beautiful family that we are all very much happy to be associated with. Dave, you are a role model to all of us! Congratulations to you and to Nancy for all you had accomplished together. And we all thank you very much for inspiring us to become good citizens and members of the communities we are part of. Please continue to stay healthy and be there to continue being an INSPIRATIONAL force to the descendants of Hoos and Teraw. And continue hosting the sons and daughters of Mailipo and Mailiyas…

It was a blast for myself obviously and to my brother Manser Patis to come and meet all of you that came to Dave’s Retirement Party. Uncles JR, Mike and Capt. Tatogmai, JayTea and family, brothers Augus, Sitiro, John, Ricky, Tim, Xavier, Clarence; sisters Rose, Gloria, and others and the many nephews and nieces there, thank you very much for everything. We enjoyed being there with you all.

Next time, Xavier needs to call me to cook the pig blood. Whomever cooked that needs to go back to Eau, Ifa, Wolley, Lamo, or just to Yap so those folks back home can teach you how to cook such a precious dish. Hehehe. Sounds like I am complaining when I enjoyed a full plate of it.

And to our other uncle that invited us to his “SARAMEN CHUUK” compound, we will take you up on the offer. I must clear up my brain so I can remember your name next time I meet up with you. I apologize to you for not remembering it, but I know exactly where to go to get it from. It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you and I do hope we will see each other soon.

It’s labor day today, please go out and enjoy yourself and don’t forget to be a good steward of this Indian Country.

Dave's Retirement Party

Congratulations Dave!
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